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Bdon admin app

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♦ Good English based communication (Foreign Languages a bonus though) - yes 

♦ Must be a member of Outbreak - yes since 2015 ( certified veteran as per this post )

♦ Use of microphone - yes

♦ Good judgement & decisiveness - yes

♦ Committed & friendly - yes

♦ Valid Steam account as per this newspost - yes

♦ A good amount of time spent on the servers - most play time on cs:go jailbreak around 1500 hours

♦ Available and willing to respond to reported server offenders - yes

♦ Ability to run and assist with events - yes ( I also have experience from when I was mod before, 4/5 events total )

♦ Use the forums and teamspeak - yes

♦ Dedication and Enthusiasm - yes


In-game Name: Bdon

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:124348632

Real first name: Brandon

Previous admin experience: 10th january 2016 - 25th march 2017

Age: 19

Average Server Playtime: 0

Average Teamspeak Time: usually a couple of hours

Time zone: GMT

Country: Ireland

Membership of current CS clans/communities: OB only

How long have you been with OB: since 2015

Why you should be Moderator:  I want to help OB gain more active people in the community & with my experience I feel I'm a good advocate for that.When the new servers arrive I'd like to give my time to help seeing it succeed.


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