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Outbreak's 2018 Quotebook

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2 hours ago, Danny said:

I miss the 2k15er memes. :I

The sad part of this is that there is literally no 2k17ers to laugh at.

Now to quote Extinct, 'Planted for short'

(Keep watching till the end)



I remember seeing this, I started laughing when Extinct started blaming Brandon for making the call.

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Hugo "I wish I was some young hot fuckable Thai chick, So a rich baby boomer could snap me up and lock me up in his fucking mansion, Occasionally have to suck some dick, Probs wouldn't even be that bad" 

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2 hours ago, Hobbsyy said:

why you looking at images of lip gloss too

I don't actually know, I watched the full shadowplay back but its only 5 minutes and I don't look at my browser once. It will forever be a mystery ????

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