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Where do you see yourself in 1, 5, and 10 years?

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Credit to @IrishChamp for being 95% of the effort going into making good posts on the forum to make people post. Thought some of us should try.


Always a difficult and interesting question: I'll start.


1 year: living in London, working full-time at my job. Probably tired and stressed (and poor). Hoping for a pay raise so I can eat properly. Should have completed my CISPA training and now be fully certified in cyber security.


5 years: Managing at my company. Hopefully long-term girlfriend, moved in together, but still in London I expect. Travelling for work regularly, possibly seconded out. Highly specialised in my field. I hope to still know OB, as at this point I will finally earn enough for a great gaming PC.


10 years: Married, I'd like kids around now (I'd be 32). My own place with my family. At this stage I don't expect to still be in London - I would seriously consider Canada or wherever my (wife?) wanted to go. Can't imagine I'd still game as much, but maybe the pull of full VR on my phone on the Central Line would be too strong. In no rush to see this, however.

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Good thread.

1 year:  Inter-railing after completing my first year in uni. Hopefully passed all my exams. I'd like to be involved in a lot of societies and get to know a completely new group of people.

5 years: Graduated with my business degree and working in somewhere that I can climb through the ranks and get a lot of good experience. I'd be okay with shitty pay at first if it meant that I could prove myself and ascend the ladder. (Also hopefully met the girl that I'll spend the rest of my life with by this point)

10 years: Married, probably no kids yet (think I'd wait until I'm in my 30s). I like Ireland a lot but I wouldn't mind being somewhere else if that's where life took me. I'd hope to have a really solid job by this point and really just to be content with life.


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1 year: getting my own place/apartment, do more sports and maybe getting a cat. 

5 years: buying my own house/apartment, having long-term girlfriend ( nice 1 wist ), new car/van. Travel to some cool places in the world. Australia and USA are def on my list.

10 years: kids dogs cats 

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6 minutes ago, w33zy said:

Travel to some cool places in the world. Australia and USA are def on my list.

after visiting both I would definitely recommend this, even though they aren't places that need a recommendation before hand.


good thread, hard to imagine but will give it a go.

1 year - by this point I would be qualified, to some extent, as a plumber (recently changed college and my course as I decided uni wasn't for me). At college 2 days a week still and working the rest, hopefully with a plumber but I would settle elsewhere for the time being. 

5 years - by this point I would be fully qualified and working full time somewhere, definitely not British Gas. Would've moved out for sure by now. (hmu here for plumbing issues)

10 years - now I would have some experience and would start looking at starting my own business, probably not yet but not far from here.  

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