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Thought some of you guys might find this interesting, especially brand0n probably.

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Just one of the few videos I disinterestedly and quickly made of the old jailbreak server here. Ignore the mc at the beginning, since it's unrelated. 


Honestly, it was times like these that made me stick around. RIP I guess.

I'm so tired of communities I kind of stick around at dying. I have to find new places, and so many new places are just awful. No sense of community. Outbreak jb was the bee's knees - I mean even on the forums it was fantastic. 

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1 hour ago, SonyTwan said:

horrible map
lets have 3-4 T's spawn in a cell with a branching vent system xDD

Good CTs would empty the cell, chase you down and shoot you in the back at the lava boat jumps.

Fuck just writing this post has given me such a craving to play jailbreak.

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lmao that is fantastic. Try TS and let Jamie treat you to his menu of Brandon soundboards

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1 hour ago, Jamie said:


With all the talk of jailbreak memories, SlayerX has resorted to desperate measures and decided to wait out JB's possible return on TS.

Even with your fucking lead, I HAD to r3p you for that 

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