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CLWO & Outbreak CSGO Event

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The CLWO & OB Competitive Event.

Applications to join this event will close on 23rd July. 5v5 Teams will be picked on 24th July, and games are available to play from 28th July.

Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls. I'm happy to announce the first ever Joint-Community Competitive Event. As a result of combining our communities, this event will be like no other CSGO event that we have done before, we are running a completely different structure, different ruling & different ways for this event.

If you haven't guessed already, we have teamed up with CLWO for this event, making it bigger and better for us all. We welcome you to our community & hope that you enjoy the event.


We have a number of changes for this event compared to normal / recent events. Please take a thorough read through this thread to see all the changes & rules for this tournament. The biggest changes are:

- An updated set of rules, to make things more clear and easily understandable.
- 1v1 will feature the "Losers Bracket"
- 5v5 will contain different groups, with a new way to play the group stages & then to a structured KO bracket
- An optimized picking system for the teams which is kept within each community.
- GOTV will be available & more structured, to allow all players to spectate the games via GOTV, whilst being streamed on platform(s) too.
- And a few more bits here & there.


We have a number of different rules for this event. Please ensure to give them a good read (Click the spoiler to view)




  • CLWO / MrGibbyGibson will host the servers for this event. These will have applicable plugins to make the event run smoothly, and will be available for spectators to view, for casting & recording & more. The servers will also include the general CLWO plugin(s), which includes the CLWO Blacklist system.
  • The CLWO/OB General rules are implied in this event. Any additional trolling / griefing / mis-behavior / racism will not be tolerated and punishments will be handed out accordingly.
  • The Tournament Directors (MrGibbyGibson for CLWO & Kai & Scrune for OB) & CLWO Senators (iNilo / Square Play'n / TeamKiller / Popey) have the ability to disqualify any applications, forfeit any matches (within reason) or make changes to the tournament at any moment.
  • If a player gets blacklisted / disqualified / banned from the event (no matter how long), the Tournament Director(s) will decide whether to re-play the played games within that players chain, and will lose the current position 16-0 to the opponent (This is applied to the 1v1). For the 5v5 event, the captain / 2nd listed player in the tournament (if the captain is blacklisted) will decide if they want to continue with 4 players, forfiet the remaining game(s) or substitute the player for a lower-skilled player from the previously banned. The Tournament Director(s) must accept that the team is allowed a substitute & must be notified and accept the permanent substitution.
  • The Tournament Director(s) will hand out bans / disqualifications if you are not active / not playing your games / for any reason, and this may get you banned from future events, or the possibility of a CLWO blacklist / OB Community Ban.
  • All registration(s) must be filled out correctly to be accepted & must be accepted by the Tournament Director(s) for that community in order to be accepted in to the event. Failure to do so (e.g. Providing incorrect information / not fully filled out) may not be accepted as an entry. I will leave a post with your name once you have registered to let you know if your application is accepted or declined.
  • The tournament will go via the Picking System for the 5v5 event. For this, you will only sign up to enter the event. Captain(s) will be picked to pick the teams, and they will pick individual players until there is enough players on the team. By signing up, you agree to be placed in any team that you was chosen in, no matter who is in it. Not all players may get a spot, dependent on the total amount of sign-ups. Please note that the teams will not be mixed. If you register to the event at CLWO, you will be in a mixed pool and picked from the other players that registered at CLWO, where as OB will have a 2nd pool and picked from the players that registered at OB.
  • If you decide to not play / dont play due to your team, you will receive a ban from future events & the possibility of further punishment(s).
  • Players that register to this event must be active players within that community. For example, if you register in Outbreak, you must be a regular / active member within the Outbreak Community, and the same for CLWO. If you are not active, your application will be declined.


  • All registered players will start in the main (winners) bracket. If you lose in that bracket, you will drop down into a 2nd bracket (Losers bracket). If you lose in the losers bracket, you will be knocked out from the tournament.
  • You will remain in the losers bracket until the final round (winner of winners bracket vs winner of overall losers bracket), to determine the overall winner & 2nd place. A 3rd place game may apply is prizes are available.
  • You may forfeit from a game within reason, whether its 1 map or the whole round. You will lose the map(s) 16-0 if this happens. 
  • Tournament Directors have the right to change any of the brackets / games & also disqualify a player for being inactive / not co-operating at any moment.


  • In the 5v5, you will be placed in 2 / 4 groups, dependent on the amount of teams registered. Each team will play each other twice, and each team will pick their own map they want to play. From there, it will be based on a scoring system from win/loss (OverTime will be played, so no draws) & then Round Difference (making rounds important if 2 teams are tied).
  • If by some miracle, 2 teams have the same W/L & Round Difference Score, they will play a BO1 veto'd game to qualify to the KO round.
  • The captain(s) are responsible in organizing the games and ensuring their team are able to play. It will be down to the captains fault if they are not prepared / not ready for games they have organised.
  • Rescheduling is available upon request (as long as its not right before the game is about to start) & substituting is available as long as both teams and / or the Tournament Director(s) agree to it.
  • The winners will advance to a KO round with no losers bracket and will be played as a BO3 with Veto's. If you lose, you will be knocked out of the tournament & will continue until the winner is crowned.




By signing up & playing, you are agreeing to the rules set, especially with the General Rules set from CLWO & OB, and agree that the rules may change at any moment without notice & the Tournament Director(s) / CLWO Senators have the overall say on things, no matter if they match to the rules or not.

EAC Anti-Cheat:

We've updated the Anti-Cheat system this time, as we do each time, to the best system possible. We are now using EAC's Client-Side system to be run for each game. You can download Easy Anti-Cheat from the steam store (for free) here - Run this program first, and then open CS:GO, and then join the server as soon as you get the details, for the anti-cheat to work. NOTE: If you don't have the anti-cheat running, you will be removed from the session until it runs. EAC Anti-Cheat is known to not work properly when other anti-cheats are open, make sure to close any other anti-cheats before launching EAC.

The Main 5v5 Event:

This event will run the picking system for the 5v5 event. You will be able to enter as your individual self for the 5v5 event, and then captains will be picked (dependent on the no. of applications), to pick the remaining players for their team. They will pick players in a specific order, and more information will be given to them on how this works / what to do. You will be PMd shortly after applications close to be notified if you are a captain for the event.

Teams will be picked on the 24th July!

The teams will be made & named, and will be randomized in a pool to be placed into groups. You will play each team twice, with each team picking 1 map they want to play. They can be played back-to-back or separated, but it is ideal to complete all games ASAP to not fall behind in the deadline. The games will be scored from Wins/Loss against the other teams in the group, and then by Round Difference if 2 teams have the same W/L. If by some miracle, by the end of all the games, there are 2 teams with the same score, they will play a BO1 veto'd game to decide the winner / KO brackets.

Top 2 teams will qualify through to the KO round and the structure will vary dependent on the amount of teams. It will be placed out of a team that has a better win against a team lower in score. This will be sorted by the Tournament Director(s).

Once in the KO stages, it will be a BO3 veto'd game, and if you lose, you will be knocked out of the tournament. The games will continue until there is an overall winning team. A 3rd place game may be played if there is prizes for it and the players agree to it.

The Double-KO 1v1 Event:

This event will have every round played as a BO3. One AK/M4 based map, one AWP based map & 1 USP / Pistol based map in that order. You can see the maps below that are being played. Registrants will be placed in a list & then fully randomized to build the brackets. There may be a few "Bye" rounds and some players may need to play an additional game. If you lose a round in the winners bracket, you will drop down into a Losers bracket, where you will have a lifeline to make it to the final round, but will need to win all remaining games to get there. If you lose a round in the Losers bracket, you will be knocked out of the tournament.

The games will be played until an overall winner is picked. There may be a 3rd place game if there is enough prizes for it and players agree to it.

The All-Stars Game:

We will be including a BO1 game at the end of the tournament (before the Finals are placed). The All-Stars game will include the top 5 best performing players throughout the whole of the 5v5 tournament. 5 Players from OB & 5 Players from CLWO will be facing against eachother in a veto'd BO1 game. The winning team will receive a prize!


The 5v5 event will feature the current active duty pool. If they change before the applications close, then this list will be updated to the active duty map(s). This includes:

- Inferno
- Train
- Mirage
- Nuke
- Overpass
- Cache
- Dust 2

The 1v1 event will feature the following maps:

- aim_map
- awp_orange
- usps_arena_1vs1

They will be self-hosted by CLWO and automatically downloaded (with different filenames) to skip any bugs / issues with the maps.


Prizes for this event is as follows (Please note that they can be updated / changed at any moment):

1st Place: 20 USD Steam Wallet Voucher (Each)
2nd Place: 5 USD Steam Wallet Voucher (Each)
3rd Place (if played): CS:GO Case & Matching Key (Each)

1st Place: 20 USD Steam Wallet Voucher
2nd Place: 10 USD Steam Wallet Voucher
3rd Place (if played): CS:GO Case & Matching Key

The winning team of the All-Stars BO1 game will each receive a 5 USD Steam Wallet Voucher.


***Applications are currently open! Please see below for further information***

In order to apply for this event, please copy the full text block in the spoiler below and edit to your correct details. Failure to fully fill in / filled in correctly may void your application. Please edit the "x" to the relevant answer for that question. If you would not like to register for either, do not post an application block. (Text in brackets, like this, may be removed) (Click the spoiler to view)


1v1: (Please select the relevant choice & remove the incorrect one. If you select no, don't fill in the rest of this section.)
- I WOULD / WOULD NOT like to enter the 1v1 event.
Steam ID: x (Post your Profile URL in this link to find it)
Profile Link: x
I agree to the rules & will accept punishment(s) if I do not play my games: Yes / No

5v5: (Please select the relevant choice & remove the incorrect one. If you select no, don't fill in the rest of this section.)
- I WOULD / WOULD NOT like to enter the 5v5 event.
Steam ID: x (Post your Profile URL in this link to find it)
Profile Link: x
CSGO Competitive Rank: x (If you don't have one. put your previous rank in)
I agree to the rules & will accept punishment(s) if I do not play my games: Yes / No

- I would also like to cast game(s) that I am not playing: Yes / No
- I would like to stream available games on the OB Twitch Channel: Yes / No

Sign-up Here:


Please note that there may not be enough space in the 5v5 event to have every player in the event. All accepted players will be added to a pool for the teams to pick from, which may mean that not all the players will be picked due there being too many from the available list and to keep fairness of the teams too. All players will be included in the 1v1 event however.


The 5v5 and 1v1 brackets will be posted / edited once they become active.

1v1 Bracket - TBA
5v5 Group Stage - TBA
5v5 KO Stage - TBA

PLEASE NOTE: Each round of the 1v1 will have 1 day to play (Up until the Finals / Last 1-2 rounds, where additional time may be required) - If you are a day or 2 late, then there may be disqualifications. The 5v5 event will require 3 of the group stages to be played every 2 days. We expect all games to be completed up to the Knock-out stages (5v5) / finishing stages (1v1) by the 4th August, where the tournament will begin to get to the final stages. We expect the semi-finals to be played on 11th August, All-Stars / 3rd Place Games (if applicable) and Finals on 12th August, but can be played sooner if agreed and / or needed.

As you can see, this event has a much less strict schedule for games, this time it is not a "play at this time" schedule but "play whenever you can during this time frame".


The games will be available on both the OB Twitch Channel and the CLWO Twitch Channel. Be sure to follow both in-case you miss any of the games!

GOTV will be available for players to spectate (and will hopefully be set-up so the casters will have full camera control too at relevant delays)

Questions / Comments:

If you have any questions or comments for this event, please don't hesitate to PM us.

For CLWO-related questions / teams / applications, or for any questions about the servers & general event, contact MrGibbyGibson
For OB-related questions / teams / applications, contact Kai / Kai or Scrune

Kai wanted me to point out that this idea was his idea (which ill have to agree on i guess xD). and that without his infinite wisdom and knowledge then this great event would not be happening, but I personally disagree on that bit. <-- true 
also thanks to gibby for making this post and me stealing it and changing it a little

Good luck to all players & teams!

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