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Discord Alpha Testing Sign-up

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If you want to help with Alpha Testing please PM on the forums, Currently Alpha testing has now started.


The Discord Trial plan.

  1. Finish setting up channels and permissions (This should be done very soon)
  2. Alpha testing (This should start in the weekend)
    1. I'll create a sign up for this if you want to help out with this. (If you've previously used Discord it'll be helpful)
    2. This will be to fix any bugs or issues that may arisen and try and iron out any kinks.
    3. Once everything is checked to be working as it should, we'll review any suggestions that alpha testers may have.
  3. Beta Testing (We would like everyone to at least try it out with an open mind) 
    1. This will be an open test for everyone to try Discord for Outbreak.
    2. We will be listing for feedback during this week, making changes/fix/updates as it goes along.
    3. This should last around for around a week. 
  4. Review and Final decision
    1. A form will be created where we'll get feedback and what your preference of VOIP service would be.

Following feedback should it be decided that discord is not for us, funds would be needed to be raised for a 1 Year's rental of a Teamspeak Server. With a quick google search prices can range from around £150-£250 for 1 years rental with 100 slots. 

Probably missed something but that's it for now, if you've got any question just ask and I'll try to answer them. 



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