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How much you spent on Steam?

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Never bought CSGO keys, occasionally bought a couple keys in TF2s hayday.
Probably more to do with the fact I've got 300+ games.

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Posted (edited)

TotalSpend    2018-05-26 20:02:00.570    $2,145.89


also i guess no1 is gonna beat fluxy? 🤔

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Posted (edited)

Not as bad as I thought tbh


Edit: Holy fuck you guys have high amounts. We're gonna have totals enough to buy a house if it keeps up at this rate.

Edit 2: Going to keep track of the total in this thread.

As of Kai's post it is $85,905.98 with an average of $3,068.07 per person.

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I'm actually so surprised I've spent this much


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