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Chus's member application (ACCEPTED)

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Player Name: Chus

Date of Birth: 20/08/02

Age: 15

Country/Location: England/Manchester


Games Played: CS, League, Fortnite, SCP.

Roughly how long have you been playing our server(s)? Over 2 years

What qualities can you bring to Outbreak? I'm a god at everything I do.

Tell us a little something about yourself: I play games with my mates on ts, I love my dog, and I enjoy school. I have been around for a long time and pretty much everyone knows who I am. ?

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Took your time

+1 Funny guy, great PMA, active on forums, ts etc. but for some reason he now has an edgy profile pic???

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On 01/07/2017 at 18:53, Chus said:

Bout time.... Is active on ts and forums, played jb and minigames a lot + generally a nice guy.



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I remember him from the JB server and he was VERY active and fun. He has been here forever and I think he deserves to be member. Overall great guy. +1 from me

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5 hours ago, Jamie said:

I don't speak to you, but i'll +1 you in hopes of getting some free forum honor!

Same! +1! Best of luck Chus bro. I'm p. sure I -have- spoken to you before in a channel, but it's always in a group and I'm terrible at learning new voices and putting names to them. GL. ?

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-1 for kid being a snake when joining team games

+1 for finally being able to apply for his membership and receive it (hopefully)

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