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Outbreak Retake

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Recently, a poll for Outbreak's new server was released, allowing you to vote for which server you would like to see Outbreak create, the winner, by quite a margin, was retakes.


Most of you will know what retake is, however some will not. For those who don't, retake is a CS:GO gamemode (obviously) in which the Counter-Terrorists have to retake a site from the Terorrists who have taken it. The round starts as the bomb is planted on the randomly selected site, and the CTs must take the site back and defuse the bomb.



The retake plugin allows players to choose which weapon they have, players can choose between which M4 they have, and if they would like to receive AWPs or not. Players cannot select which grenades they are given every round and they are given out to players randomly.


A leaderboard has also been added. Players are awarded points for kills, bomb plants, and bomb defusals, as well as headshots and assists. Points are deducted upon death, suicides, and failing to plant the bomb.


A store plugin has also been added to the server. Crazy items like huge hats and player models are not in, though. The only things which can be obtained through the store are masks, which were added by Valve back in 2014. Chat tags, name colours, and text colours are also obtainable through the store. Players are given 3 credits every 3 minutes while they are active on the server, it is possible to allow for players to earn credits by getting kills, which may be added.


Reserve slots will also be added to the server, allowing players to connect whenever they want to, as long as they have a reserve slot.


The option to vote for the next map is also included in the server, 5 maps will be available to vote for each time the vote appears, which will be near the end of each map.





All 7 active duty maps, and Dust 2, are on the server. As well as the addition of these 6 new maps which are not usually seen in typical retake servers.




Bazaar was featured in CS:GO during late 2014 and early 2015, in Operation Vanguard. Although not the most popular map which was added through this Operation, it is still a very good and enjoyable map which I think could have some great potential as a retake map. The A site is set in a market square, with many places which the Terrorists can use for cover to attempt to pick off attacking CTs. Whereas the B site is more open, allowing for fast paced engagements and imaginative boosts which can be used by CTs to gain the upper hand.




Santorini is a very popular map within the CS:GO community, however, it has never been added to the game as an official map. It has appeared in CS during Operation Wildfire in 2016, and had a spot in the main maps which were playable on ESEA and Faceit for a long while. The creator of the map, FMPONE, has also made many other amazing maps, one of which, Cache, has found it's way into the CS:GO active duty map pool. Probably because it's the best map to ever be made.




Abbey is a fairly new map, only being added to the workshop in late 2017. It is a stunning map in terms of looks and has very solid gameplay on it. It is known as one of, if not the best map, that has been made by Lizard, who also made Facade, which was featured in Operation Vanguard as well. I would not be surprised to see this map added to CS:GO in the next Operation, and I believe that this will be a very nice addition to the retake map pool.




Season is also a very popular map within the CS:GO community, it has had two Operation appearances, Operation Bloodhound, and Operation Vanguard. Season was originally an unofficial CS:S map which was used in a variety of professional tournaments, including CPL, CEVO, and CAL. It also received a remake to a more modern look around 2014, after the CS:S port version of the map became outdated. The creator, FMPONE, has created 7 maps for CS:GO, 5 of which have made it into Operations, and Cache which has been added to the game permanently. Season is also a popular map within ESEA and Faceit, and our own Faceit Gather Hub. I think that Season will be a great addition to the map pool for this server as it will allow the active gather players to familiarize themselves with this map and hopefully give them another enjoyable option to play on during gathers.




Seaside is the most popular map to appear in Operations which has not been added to the game full time. It appeared in the very first 3 Operations in CS:GO, Operation Payback, Bravo, and Phoenix. This map, for obvious reasons, can be considered a classic. A map which was added back repeatedly because of its popularity and unique style. The bomb sites are complete opposites, A site is more or less totally open and T-side AWPers will be the most powerful role on the defending side, being able to pick approaching CTs off from range. However, B site is the total opposite, it is a small, enclosed area where Ts are expected to bunker down together and use utility to drain down the bomb timer. There will often be nowhere to run to play time and T-side crossfires will reign supreme when defending the B bombsite.




Studio is also a fairly new map, and was posted to the workshop around the same time that Abbey was. This fun new map includes a difference in sites, much like Seaside. The B site is full of cover which Terrorists can use to run down the bomb timer or to surprise incoming enemies. The A site is more open, but some boxes allow the Terrorist side to headglitch and take some more defensive engagements. The retaking Counter-Terrorists must play together, and can even use some creative boosts to have an overview of the site.



In the future, the ability to vote for different maps which you think should be included on the server will be implemented, and the least popular ones will be substituted for these more popular choices.


Thanks to everyone who helped out with the creation of this server, the selection of maps, and the server testing.

This is the connect IP, be sure to add it to your favourites:

Click here to Join!
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