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March Update

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Hey Everyone,

Time for another update on Outbreaks current future plans and ideas.

New Server's Vote 

We'll be doing a small vote for the next Outbreak servers, we've decided to try and do two servers. The first being a Competitive styled CSGO server and Second something different, that isn't on CSGO. For the second server, it may not work out and we may also end up changing it later down the line but it should be something completely different that we've not really tried before and will be interesting to try out. 

Possible Host changes

We're also investigating changing our current Host setup. We currently have a Dedicated server for all our needs (Teamspeak, Forums and GameServers) which has been used for whenever Outbreak has needed a second server for events and tournaments without any additional costs. Throughout 2017 to Present, donations have only been able to pay half our server costs and the rest has been paid by me up until now. With this change, there may also be changing to the Warden Programme as we may not be able to provide a server for suggestions.

Non-Server based Event/Small Tournaments

Alongside our possible Host changes we may not have the ability to do as many events that need a dedicated CSGO server and as such, we'll be looking into do more events that don't need one. Some of the possible ones that we have considered doing could be small-scale tournament style events for games like Worms, Rocket League, Poker, GolfIT and Age of Empires. While doing these type of event we'd like to try and get more people involved in deciding what event we should try out next.

Final Note

Finally congratulations to one of our newer Moderators on being promoted to Senior Moderator. He has excelled in his role and has gone above and beyond to ensure tasks within the community are getting done. Throughout these past few months, he has been proactively supporting me and the community using his own initiative. He has been responsible for directing multiple choices for the future of the community with the assistance of the Admin Team and doesn't show any signs of slowing down. So a big congratulations to Frostie.


All the best,

Sir_Conor & Admin Team.

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