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Hi, i was gone for some time but now im back. i think i only made one of these so enjoy another 


I'm Stiqqy. Most Decorated OB CSGO player with 2 surf player of the months and 3 tournament wins. I am 20 years old From LANDAN TAAAAAN. Games i am currently inretested in and play at the moment are Overwatch, Pokemon, CSGO, Fortnite, Dishonored, R6 (Will be in the future) and a smattering of others. My music taste is very broad and i listen to pretty much anything. I am very sporty having strong passions for Football mostly.

I Joined Outbreak nearly 6 years ago (WTF LOL). I don't go on ts that much unless invited to do shet.


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Welcome to the forums you seem like a nice kid, what's your favourite Pokemon?? Mine's Torchic cause he turns into a fighting/fire type which is very R A R E in Fire starter Pokemon. (Btw rep4rep ttytytyty)

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