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February Update 2018

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Hey Everyone,

Time for another update on Outbreaks current future plans and ideas.


Although it has been fun for many of the players that have got involved with the Jailbreak server based on current lack interest overall Jailbreak is likely to close in the coming weeks. I would like to do an idea that was previously suggested by OB Members and do a send-off event for the game mode that was an integral part of the creation of Outbreak.  Even though many of the current players now longer enjoy the gamemode at they may have once done it was still what started Outbreak and turned in to a community that we now have today.

New Server Discussion

Outbreak is going to be investigating possible new server suggestions as such a thread soon to be created will be asking the community about this, hopefully, this will stimulate discussion between us all to have a better idea of what we should do next. Ideally, for me personally, it would be nice if was an idea that Outbreak can make special, that will be interesting for new and old players and something that can have some sort of monetization to support Outbreak financially. 

Outbreaks 6th Year Birthday

After last year relatively successful Birthday Bash at least I thought so anyway :spooky: This year I'm going to creating a thread for any more possible additional suggestions or ideas that you might like to give or get involved with. Most discussion, idea and plans about it can go there or hit me up with a message.

League Winter 2018 Tournament 

The League Winter 2018 Tournament will be played this weekend on Friday the 9th, Saturday the 10th and Sunday the 11th. It should be streamed via the Outbreak Twitch Channel so if you want to come and support us during the event. Also if you want to get involved in casting any of the games feel free to message me and I'll put your name on the list.

Final Note

On a final note, I hope to try to increase the amount and frequency of overall communication between Outbreak so hopefully, everyone has an idea of what either on or at least the current future plans. As Outbreak has changed from what we once were it may be time to overhaul look at what we can do you evolve and adapt to better fit our community.

All the best,

Sir_Conor & Outbreak Admin Team.

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