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1 hour ago, Extinct ツ said:

guys i have discovered something.

I want you to take a look at the groups she is in.


now lets take a closer look

now lets take a closer look again

what is this i seeeeeeeee!!!





How to farm honor in 5 easy steps with Extinct

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Hi welcome to our dragon community I am an aegis mkiv dragon battle bot cyborg. I'm into vore but only as a predator, never the one being eaten. Hmu on ts or steam for dragon rp.


And yes, I'm more intelligent than you, hence my speaking all three of the ancient dragon languages.

Edited by VENGA BUS

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Hi! I'm lewis, i'm England/Spain :D I have bday 14th may (1996) :D England/Spain :D My hobbies are playing games, snowboardig and going out with my friends :D I started playing on the jailbreak server in 2009, so i already know a few ppl :D I hope i get to know more awesome ppl! :D

Luv Lewis <3

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