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Outbreak League of Legends Winter Championship 2018

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Welcome to the Outbreak League of Legends
Winter Championship 2018!


Sign up via Google Forms HERE


Calendar Link Posted here when tournament schedule is confirmed.

Tournament Information: Thanks for most of the thread format from previous tournaments xoxo 

General Infomation

  • Sign up will be done via google forms (link above) If you need to changes or need to drop out of the tournament msg me directly this hopefully will it easier to manage.
  • Commitment, Please ensure you are available before signing up for this event. There will be no more than 3 games maximum per night which will be dated as soon as we confirm numbers. This is an OB event and failure to comply with event host expectations can result in punishments.    
  • Current possible tournament dates being looked at are:
    26th 27th 28th of Jan | 2nd 3rd 4th of Feb | 9th 10th 11th of Feb
    A rough guide to the schedule is below;      

    Friday: 18.30 BST - 22.30 BST 
    Saturday: 18.30 BST - 22.30 BST
    Sunday: 18.30 BST - 22.30 BST
  • Players will only participate for one team in the tournament.
  • Players must use the account name that they register for the tournament with.
  • Players must be able to participate in tournament draft to compete.
  • On registering you will be asked to name your role preferences, fill this in seriously or you will not be allowed to compete in the tournament. Note that your preferences do not guarantee what role you will be placed in. The role choices are ADC/Support/Middle/Top/Jungle.
  • Once the teams have been decided, I will then create a battlefy tournament much like the previous League tournament which should provide stats and give a more detailed schedule. 

Team Management

  • Each team will have 5 players. Players will be expected to be available and turn up for every game scheduled.
  • Teams will be picked based on the sign-up list by selected captains prior to the event date, more information will be provided on captains in time.
  • Captains will be responsible for organizing their team including roles, required screenshots and contacting hosts if assistance is required.
  • Screenshots should be taken by captains of the pick & ban phase and the after game score screen. The system should automatically register results but screenshots are required in case of possible issues.

Tournament Layout

  • Server: EUW
  • Game Mode: Tournament Draft
  • Map: Summoners Rift (5v5)
  • More information will be added on tournament format depending upon the number of players competing.

Violation of Rules

  • All players are expected to follow the rules, failure to follow the rules and respect staff members can result in disqualification among other repercussions.
  • All player are expected to read all provided information and stay up to date with any tournament changes. 
  • Usual OB Tournament rules apply.


Current possible tournament dates being looked at are: 26th 27th 28th of Jan | 2nd 3rd 4th of Feb | 9th 10th 11th of Feb   

Friday 18.30 BST - 22.30 BST 
Saturday 18.30 BST - 22.30 BST
Sunday 18.30 BST - 22.30 BST

*Above is a rough estimate of times you should be available for.
**Exact times of match schedule will be confirmed once player signup count and teams are confirmed. 


I would like to get as many games streamed with casters so when signing up please click either Streamer or Caster if you'd like to get involved with this.

The purpose of this thread is to serve as a Q&A section if you have any queries and also for us to fill you in on any important updates. As this is a tournament, the stance on not turning up for this if you sign up is rigid and will result in severe punishments if you fail to show - so please make sure you are available before signing up. 


Please only sign up if you are committed and can definitely make it and are willing to commit the time.

Sign up will be done via google forms (link above) If you need to changes or need to drop out of the tournament msg me directly this hopefully will it easier to manage.

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Best league player in OB and I'm missing a 2nd tournament:(

Do another one in like August/July pls

Also @Danny I was committed to two parties over that weekend and I genuinely believed the tourney was taking place in September. You can speak to Chris Lord about my "oh shit" reaction when he told me Brandon was only going to be back the day OF the tourney, and I was like "wtf he's in his final year in school how come he's missing the first 3 weeks"



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- Small Update -

Currently, We've had around 17 people sign up for this and the response has been most people would prefer a larger 2-weekend tournament favouring the February dates of           2nd 3rd 4th of Feb | 9th 10th 11th of Feb

Come this Sunday I'll confirm the size and dates of the tournament.



For anyone that's interesting in everyone current  Role Preferences



Also current got 4 people that have said they'd like to cast. I'd love to get as many people involved with this for all of the games so, please select it when signing up or msg me you'd like to get involved in caster any of the games.

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On 27/01/2018 at 19:41, MiniColossus said:

Have we got a set in stone date for this yet?


Since you were messaged and agreed to a date would've liked to hope you remembered it :hmm:

The date is  9th 10th 11th of Feb I've messaged captains (Nick, Flash, Sov & Jesse) just trying to get Jesse to reply so teams can be picked.

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