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ESL Outbreak Winter 2017

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Might have lost our two matches, but I must admit it's been really fun and quite evenly matched. Much more fun than last year in my opinion. Was great to play Nuke! =)

Looking forward to tomorrow! Good luck to everyone participating and GGWP to those who have faced me and my teammates!

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1 minute ago, Danny said:

So Nick and Sovman in the same team again?


No one complained last time about that..

We beat them after they were winning 7-0. I'm not complaining.

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Just now, Danny said:

Also, what is with half of my team being people I've never met.

Not really an OB tournament is it.

My team is full of people I don't think I've met before either, but we've got along pretty well.

Must admit that I don't recognize a few names in this tourny though.

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Just now, Danny said:

I actually don't blame Jgreg for leaving now.

Sov and Jgreg is 'OP'

but Sov and Nick is fine.


No one said Greg and Sovman is OP, Greg got a more suitable replacement for the first pick that he chose. It was Liutvi, I told Greg multiple times while we were picking teams to pick someone else, but he was set on having Liutvi. In the rules it does say that the replacements will be the same or equal skill. I doubt anyone who plays gathers or cs from OB can say that those 2 are the same skill.

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I know I was joking :).  And very nice, it was a good sneak attack, though I will say that I really would have killed you if I wasn't sitting on 400+ ping at the time :D.  But nice either way :).  

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im pretty sure jgreg left because he saw luitvi as a god because he hasn't played with anyone on cs recently so was assuming that it was a fair supreme 4 supreme replacement. that all im going to say about that.

as for me and nick, idc i played bad first game and only started hitting shots just before we were about to lose the second game.

anyways it was an alright first day considering kai soloed this one. :y:

also classic substick memeing about was fun to listen to while i was tilting :love:

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Hello everyone. After whatever you want to call today, we did eventually get all games played. Even if we had 7 replacement players. These are how the teams look after today's games.

337f3b2ed3.png   (Everyone is still expected to show up and play their last game)

Apologies for not having any of the games streamed, it would have been too time consuming considering I was trying to get all the games going by my self, and also the fact that there was no one who could have moderated the server, as I was the only one around with server admin and I had a game to play myself. That being said, a group stage match and one of the semi-final matches should be getting streamed tomorrow.

Thanks to @Sovman @Cereal @Drake and @Absolute for replacing. +3 friends of friends who came


I would also like to thank those who signed up and did turn up to play, if you had left because of the lateness then the event would have been much harder to start and most likely would have been called off. Things should be more organised tomorrow.

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