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Battle Royale Grand Opening

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As a result of the Warden Project, I have been given the opportunity to create my own server for Outbreak. I have been working for a little while now and I am proud to announce that it is officially opening.

Thank you to all who attended the event, although it was simple and there were lots of people in one channel, I still enjoyed hosting it and had a lot of fun playing.

I would like to hear feedback anyone may have about the server that they might have from the event or from playing in the future. Any suggestions are appreciated as they will help us to constantly improve the server and will make it much more enjoyable for everyone.




The maps that are included on the server currently are: br_flood_ob, br_slopes_ob, br_electrified_ob, br_killzones_ob_x, and a brand new battle royale map, br_flatline_ob.

You will need to delete your .bsp files for these maps again if you have issues joining.


The feedback that I am particularly interested in is map suggestions. New maps are required in order to keep the server fresh and unique. Although I am very new to map making, I would still like to try to create new maps with suggestions from the community. Flatline is a very simple map but I tried to make it as fair as possible, giving players a choice as they leave spawn, to fight or to run on without getting instantly killed. I also tried to have different styles for each zone. The red zone (rifles) is more open and long range, while the orange zone (shotguns & smgs) is a more close quarters area. Any further updates that are made to the server will be posted here. Message me on steam or come talk to me on teamspeak if you have any suggestions you would like to tell me.


The store remains similar to the previous minigames and jailbreak stores. Trails, hats, masks are all still obtainable through credit purchases and there are exclusive, donator-only items in the store such as pets or player models. We hope to add more items to the store in the future.

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