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Golf It Event - 7th and 8th of October 2017 6:45PM

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This event is brought to you by Jamie and Kai.

Make sure you add them as they will need to have you added on steam so they can invite you into the lobbies. 



  • This event will consist of 6 maps in total.
  • The first 3 maps will be 3 of the standard maps, with no collision and no teams. - Saturday 7th
  • The last 3 maps will be workshop maps, in teams, with the collision on. - Sunday 8th
  • Kai and Jamie will be hosting the lobbies.
  • The maximum players for this event is 16.


Sign up using this template:

  • Name: 
  • Steam Profile Link: 
  • Player/Reserve: 
  • Commitment Availability: 


Go here to sign up:



  • Do not give up, it will ruin the event for the people around you.
  • Always attempt the course.
  • Do not hard target certain people.
  • If you are going to collide with people, bare in mind that it will ultimately cost your team as the scoring in team mode will be based off total strokes.



  • Invites will go out at 6:45PM, if you are not in by 7PM, you will be replaced.
  • You will receive an event cooldown if you sign up but fail to turn up.
  • Remember to change the colour of your ball to whichever colour team you are placed in.
  • The 18th hole of Golfing Spree will not count as it is complete RNG.
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Team 1 - Jamie, Skill, MiniColossus, Gaffer

Team 2 - Kai, Chris, Eagle, Stiqqy

Team 3 - GingerPopper, Revilia, Oldmike, Extinct

Team 4 - Akame, Weezy, Nick, Finnley


Remember to change the colour of your ball to your team colour.


Saturday 7th October (Solo Games)

Jamie hosting lobby for Chris, Skill, Stiqqy, Oldmike, MiniColossus, Nick and Revilia

Kai hosting lobby for GingerPopper, Akame, Eagle, Weezy, Gaffer, Extinct and Finnley


7:00PM - Solo Game 1 - Grassland

7:30PM - Solo Game 2 - Mines

8:00PM - Solo Game 3 - Pirates Cove


Sunday 8th October (Team Games)

Jamie hosting lobby for Team 1 vs Team 3

Kai hosting lobby for Team 2 vs Team 4


7:00PM - Team Game 1 - The End Of August

7:30PM - Team Game 2 - Youtubers Wet Dream

8:00PM - Team Game 3 - Golfing Spree


Remember to be in your channel and ready to play at 6:45PM

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