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Outbreak 2v2 Tournament 30/09/2017 - 01/10/2017

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This event is brought to you by Finnley, Skill and Kai.

Add them if you have any questions about the event.





  • This is a 2v2 aim map event. Teams will be selected depending on ranks and will be made as fair as possible.
  • Each round will be a best of 3 maps, and each game will be a best of 16 rounds. Rifles first, followed by AWPs, then a pistol map as a decider.
  • Each game will be played through https://www.challengeme.gg/
  • The absolute maximum players that can be in this event is 32.
  • If 32 players can be reached, there will be 2 brackets of 16 players each so that the lower ranked players can play against fairer opponents.









Go here to sign up:


How to get into the game

  • Go to https://www.challengeme.gg/
  • Click log in and sign in through Steam.
  • Add Kai and Skill so they know the scores of each game.
  • Press Play, then create lobby, then 2v2 mode.
  • Click copy link to lobby and send it to everyone who is going to be playing in your game.
  • Change the map to aim_map_cc for the first game, awp_orange for the second game, and aim_map_p2000 if there is a last game.
  • There is a randomize teams option if the teams are not correct, randomize them until they are.


  • Invites will go out at 6.45PM, if you aren't in by 7PM you will be replaced or your team will lose by default.
  • Remember that you will receive an event cooldown if you sign up and fail to turn up.
  • If reserves are needed, specific reserves will be used to keep the teams fair.
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Due to there not being enough teams, Team 1 Team 3 have automatically been placed into the semi-finals.



Team 1 - Danny & Ginger

Team 2 - Kai & Chus

Team 3 - Cheekyie & Brandon

Team 4 - MiniColossus & Thunder

Team 5 - Eagle & Akame

Team 6 - Skill & Miknor


Saturday 30th September

7:00PM - Quarter-Finals

Team 2 vs Team 6

Team 4 vs Team 5


7:30PM - Semi-Finals

Team 1 vs TBD

Team 3 vs TBD


8:00PM - Finals




Make sure to be in your channel and ready to play at 6:45PM.

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Due to some people backing out last minute, there have been new players added and the teams have been repicked because of this, Team 1 and Team 6 have been randomly selected to be put through into the semi-finals.



Team 1 - Kai & Ginger

Team 2 - Danny & DesignatedRetard

Team 3 - MiniColossus & Chus

Team 4 - Eagle & Akame

Team 5 - Miknor & Skill

Team 6 - Thunder & Brandon


The times of the games have remained unchanged, except Team 1 and Team 6 will now be playing their first game at 7:30PM.


Saturday 30th September

7:00PM - Quarter-Finals

Team 2 vs Team 3

Team 4 vs Team 5


7:30PM - Semi-Finals

Team 1 vs Team 4

Team 6 vs Team 2


8:00PM - Finals

Team 1 vs Team 2

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