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Welcome to Outbreak - New Landing page and Intro Video

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Hey guys,

I've briefly mentioned that I was working on a new Landing page before and after many "behind the scenes" memes and months it's finally live! 

I have only been able to work on it in my spare time which is why this project ended up taking months. I learnt a lot from this project and taught myself new stuff along the way. I have also been working on a video which probably took more time than the actual webpage. 

Landing Page: https://outbreak-community.com


If you haven't already, please subscribe to the Outbreak Youtube channel for more cool videos in the future.

Anyway, I hope you guys like the design and feel of the landing page and enjoy watching the video. I also recommend trying out the page on your phone as it is fully responsive and looks cooler on there.

Thanks to Conor for helping out with some design advice too.

- Gunstar


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This was a very good video @Gunstar I enjoyed seeing different games and hope for some more events!


Fading on different games and giving a different transition than just cutting straight to the clip would have been more professional :)



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'onto the anime guy'


jamie as ever wasting no words


Nice work Gunstar, I liked it. Only feedback I can give is a bit cleaner on the editing (e.g. Lupha logging into steam being included, smoother edits around the police scenes etc) but good work

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I have spotted one or two bugs so far with the website, which I will be working on to fix over the next few days. (An image should load instead of video on the phone and caching causes the image to load instead of video on website and other optimisation work).

About the video, I am not a pro editor but thanks for the advice will keep in mind for the future.

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@Gunstar Appreciate the effort man, looks good! You could ask @Eraser for help when it comes to editing, he is a pro editor after all.

You can also always ask help from the community, i am sure people are willing to help with certain things they think they can help with, including me. Just advice :spooky:

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