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Outbreak LoL Summer Championship 2017

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19 hours ago, Danny said:

Troll picks, leaves, then predicts us to get stomped.

Just Irish Things.

I mean we woulda won if the team had my superb leadership and the tourney was actually in September.

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Just want to say I'm so sorry for delaying the games so much tonight, thank you, Conor, Lemon Haze and my team for waiting and being so accepting when I returned.  I truly do appreciate allowing me to play and waiting for me after I caused such a wait.


Aside from that, thank you to Conor (and anybody else who helped) for organising the tournament and streaming everything, the work you put into getting this together is truly what allows us all to have fun and enjoy the game together.

Thank you to the casters as well who commentated, allowing us all to enjoy watching the games.  I always think it is nice to look back on something like this and rewatch such a memory :).  


 Thank you also to all the players for making this happen and as always, thank you to my team for playing.  Also commiserations to Lemon Haze but we'll played in the final :), always better to have a close final than a quick 2-0 stomp.


Lastly, screw you riot for changing Urgot.



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