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What do you think of pistols?

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Are they balanced? Why?

How could they be changed?


Personally, I think that they are slightly overpowered - the high movement speed combined with nutty running accuracy means that people get retarded double dinks with tec 9s while going at 99 mph; obviously you should be able to frag them in most circumstances, but this won't always happen, like in a full site rush. I'm not saying that you should be getting 5 man spraydowns and ending up on sparkles every eco/forcebuy, but having cod style mechanics in a game like cs feels unbalanced and counter intuitive.

I think either the movement speed or running accuracy should be decreased as it still rewards good aim, but doesn't allow people to get stupid running headshots, while rifles require you to stand still (or crabwalk) in order to be accurate.

I enjoy the fact that forcebuys and ecos aren't insta wins for the opposing team, but you should win from smart plays and good aim instead of +fowarding and spamming left click.


inb4 "cs dead game"

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1 minute ago, Wurdy said:

also the fact that pistols like tec-9, 5-7 and p250 all 1 tap at close ish distances...


OP? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Why are you holding close quarters when they're force/eco?

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2 minutes ago, Wurdy said:

its op in rushes and when you're holding close quaters on Ct etc...

Why are you peeking close quarters when they're force/eco?

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Honestly I'm fine with pretty much every pistol. Though I feel like dualies could be made far more effective if they worked in a way as to which you could fire them individually and have a separate mag for each.


Also fuck the tec-9 for being an overpowered piece of shit 500 dollar AK. I get so fucking angry when someone kills me with that shit. Requires zero skill. Just run and spray Guaranteed 1-tap at any range.

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They should have the armour penetration lowered so that you can actually survive for a little while if you get rushed, in most circumstances you will only take 1 more hit after being dinked before you die and that happens pretty fast when there's 5 people running at you.


Pistols like the Tec9 and Five Seven obviously shouldn't be made to do 10 damage per shot against armour, but they should be nerfed enough that they don't have a pretty high chance of beating people with rifles.


Maybe the P250 should do about 85 damage with a point blank headshot against head armour, atleast then it won't have a one shot capability when it's $300.

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15 hours ago, Finnley said:

The old CZ AKA "The mini AK" should be reïntroduced.

And the old R8 AKA "The 850$ AWP" should also make it's return.

imo tho

guess you havent watch flusha last major.

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