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Wagwan piffting

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Since my old one got deleted while relinking my steam account i thought i'd make another one, 

Most people know me as Akame (I dunno why the trademark is in my name don't ask) i used to have some posts on here before all of it got deleted for some reason, when JB wasn't dead i used to play it quite a bit and since it has died down i usually just chill in the teamspeak with cucks such as @JME@Skill and other cuckolds which i'm too lazy to tag.

Some people know me but most others might not so i thought i'd make a less than formal introduction to, well, introduce myself i guess. I'm also part taking in the ESL Summer in a week which i hope we can get far in and possibly win.

Like i said in the beginning this is more of a reintroduction than an intro so i have been here for a while even if i was unnoticed.

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