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ESL Outbreak Summer 2017

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Should have named our team: Team Inconsistency lmao

Looking forward to actually playing in ESL instead of hosting it for once. TY and GL Unseen.

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Couple of small updates/notices.

  • Due to us not noticing that Veng3nce had updated his post on Sunday to put himself as a reserve, he's been replaced by Fluxy on Team 8. 
  • D2 will be staying part as the tournament pool.
    - We'll be keeping it as part of the pool since in all of our tournament formats we have worked with 8 maps, including one off duty map (previously D2, Inferno and Nuke). It suits our format and allows players to try play any of the maps that have been on active duty in the past/present.
    - I don't see how it makes it more/less unfair for one team. There will always be one team that holds more power with being able to decide the map from the final 2. Our system just means it's countered a little bit by one team being able to pick what side they start on.
    - It's not being kept for any individual's gain and it's not being removed for the same reason, we want the same options as previous tournaments and if you dislike the map then you can have your team veto it like you always would.

but at the same time, guess it wouldn't be an OB tournament without something for the flocks to cry about despite never having this issue before :hmm:

Had a couple of people let me know that they are willing to be reserves but still looking for people interested in being casters xoxo

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Further Updates:

- @rhyse1317 will be replacing Jesse for the group stage game on the Saturday due to work hours popping up this last weekend.

- @mitch will be replacing Absolute for at least the Friday (possibly more) due to unforeseen personal circumstances.

Since these replacements are made before the tournament begins, we've simply tried to give the best fit possible rather than our usual standard of just someone who is clearly worse (which is used for replacements closer to the time etc). We understand opinions may vary on who is better than who, but we are just working with what is available to us.

Still looking for casters xo

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Y'all fellas on Team 6 need to add me on Steam or w/e I can't find people for shit lol


EDIT: Found a few, sent requests, thanks to Kai for contacting me

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hello????? mitch is way better than fucking absolute..


edit: oh wait he's on my team nvm mitch sucks dick

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1 hour ago, Lewis said:

biggest throw in history of OB tournies if team 5 don't win this

I mean we would but I had to step out so teams are even now

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