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ESL Outbreak Summer 2017

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  • Rank Requirements: There will be no set rank that you must be above before signing up for this event, however you must have at least attained a MM rank that you can provide within the sign up template. We are doing this so we can be an inclusive as possible. However please note that we will prioritise spots in the interest of making the tournament as competitive as possible, players who we consider more reliable and capable will likely be given spots first despite us not explicitly excluding anyone.
  • Commitment: As mentioned previously, please ensure you are available before signing up for this event. There will be no more than 3 games maximum per night which will be dated as soon as we confirm numbers. This is an OB event and failure to comply with event host expectations can result in punishments.
  • Reserves: We will still be wanting reserves in the case of emergency step ins being needed. If you are unsure about being able to commit completely and wish to sign up, please do so as a reserve first and update your post later on if needed. As usual, when picking reserves the player will be either equal or worse - replacements will not always be ideal and the best fit will be provided where possible so we do not expect people to pester hosts about these decisions.
  • Maps: Cache, Cobblestone, Mirage, Overpass, Nuke, Train, Dust2, Inferno
  • We will be using Popflash and a setup OB server.
  • Tournament Format: This will be confirmed once we know the number of teams available to us.
  • Prizes: OB Champ and forum award given to the winners. Larger prizes will also be up for grabs.
  • Twitch: 1 game per round will be streamed on the live OB server, all matches on pop flash will not be streamed.
  • Stats: Stats will be released shortly after tournament conclusion.

Please sign up and find base information on the calendar page linked above.

Further update and information will be posted in this thread, so please keep returning to it for further information including match times and teams once you've signed up on the calendar page. 

This thread will be unlocked for general discussion after sign ups have taken place.

Yes I'm lazy and I copied the format from the previous tournament with small changes xoxo

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Hola mis amigos

After a super serious session with the captains where they were completely respectful of all players they had to pick from and picked them as fast as possible (:hmm:), we now have the teams:




I have left the teams with their numbered names for the screenshot due to the purpose of matching to the schedule and the eventual results table. Their other names will be updated into this post.

Team Names
Team 1 - 「Grass」 /「Grass」
Team 2 - We got Tammashay / WGT
Team 3 - Zelka Reborn / ZR
Team 4 - Retards in Pyjamas
Team 5 - Village People / VP
Team 6 - AEGIS Cyberdragon Network
Team 7 - -dogs-
Team 8 - Wish You Were Bonje

Friday 28th

  • Group Stage Round 1 (BO1) - 6.30PM / 18.30 BST
    Group A
    - Team 1 vs Team 3
    - Team 4 vs Team 8
    Group B
    - Team 2 vs Team 5
    - Team 6 vs Team 7
  • Group Stage Round 2 (BO1) - 8.00PM / 20.00 BST*
    Group A
    - Team 1 vs Team 4
    - Team 3 vs Team 8
    Group B
    - Team 2 vs Team 6
    - Team 5 vs Team 7

Saturday 29th

  • Group Stage Round 3 (BO1) - 6.30PM / 18.30 BST
    Group A
    - Team 1 vs Team 8
    - Team 3 vs Team 4
    Group B
    - Team 2 vs Team 7
    - Team 5 vs Team 6
  • Semi-Finals (BO1) - 8.00PM / 20.00 BST*
    Semi-Final 1
    - Winner Group A vs Runner Up Group B
    Semi-Final 2
    - Winner Group B vs Runner up Group A

Sunday 30th

  • Final (BO3) - 7.00PM / 19.00 BST
    - Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2

*note that matches could begin earlier/later dependent on game time and if needing to wait on stream.


  • I will make a post later on noting which games will be streamed once everything is confirmed server/stream wise. 
  • Please ensure you are on TS and ready at least 10 minutes before any of your matches each day.
  • Failing to turn up will result in punishments.
  • We are wanting reserves, so let us know if you are up for stepping in should you be available and we need players.
  • We are looking for people willing to cast on stream - we've had a few people volunteer who are taking part, however the opportunity will only arise for them after the group stages due to simultaneous matches. If you aren't participating then please let us know if you are interested.
  • If you have a team name then please let us know. Team names should be agreed ideally by the whole team (though I have put some down that captains gave me in team picks).
  • Any questions then let us know.

This thread is now for open discussion / tournament memes. 

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1 hour ago, Thunder said:

Petition to remove Dust 2 from the map pool as it is not active duty. Having 8 maps in the pool is also pretty stupid as the pick/ban phase will be unfair for one of the teams.


Lets be honest, Dust 2 is only in there because its Lewis's best map anyways.

Petition refused

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