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Well hello there. Back again after a few years off. Think it was time to settle down and sort my life out. 

Just a new intro to myself. Haven't played this game since what? 2013/2014. Last time I played I had a few troubles.. But they have sorted out now. 

Hopefully anyone that remembers me can ignore the past and let's crack on with a new start?

IM called Steve - Or call me what you want no fuss to me. 


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Been here for almost 2 years and I don't think we have stumbled upon each other yet but welcome back Steve!

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On 6/5/2017 at 11:52, Mintlou said:

Now that's a name I'd never thought I'd see again around here.


Aye just a lot of stuff went down on my end.  So I have now sorted it out.  Just because I havent been here don't mean I forgot about the awesome times and wasted days I spent playing JB. lol

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Welcome back, hope you can finally revive our dead server. 

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1 hour ago, kn1ghtwolf2012 said:

Does it need money?

Nope, just needs active users since it is usually 0 people in it.

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