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Mozblast 2.0

Moz's Member Application (DECLINED)

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Player Name:


Date of Birth:

27th October 1998







Games Played:

Csgo, Garrys mod, GTA, etc

Roughly how long have you been playing our server(s)?

A long time, maybe just under a year.

What qualities can you bring to Outbreak?

I could help police the server, telling mods and admins when there is racism or hackers etc on the server (i try to do this already). I think I could also help to bring a friendly environment to the server and uphold the high standards for members it has. Moreover, I think I could help to attract players to the server by inviting a lot of friends and possibly advertising on the server I co-own.

Tell us a little something about yourself:

I play a lot of Csgo, and like to help keep the server clean from racists and hackers. I do a lot of computer work in my spare time (coding and stuff) along with general server maintenence. On top of this, I like to work with other people to figure out ways to attract people to the server. I do a bit of spare time photoshopping, but i'm not too good at art so it's not particularly good. I also sometimes do video editing, and although i'm still learning, I think I've got the grasp of what makes a good video edit. 

Is this your first post?

I had a "About me" Post but thats probably lost deep in the forums by now.

Have you been around for less than 2 weeks (this includes Teamspeak and forums)?


(If you said yes to either of the two questions above, don't apply now)



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I haven't seen Moz at all, but from the effort which has been put into this application I think it's fair to say you're not a twat, and you clearly care about the server.


That you'd consider advertising the server elsewhere is really decent as well.


On this basis, here's a +1 from an old timer. Hop onto teamspeak and try and organically get involved in the forums. Just talk and discuss, so people get to know you better and you get to know us. Xo

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A good and active player, but you still lack a bit of TS prescence and also post count, although post count seems to be a thing for alot of member apps. If you have a problem fitting in on TS, or are uncertain try and go for smaller channels first. Show your prescence in the smaller channels and eventually go into the big ones, although I don't think you would have such a problem. So long story short up your TS hours and get people to know you (By that I don't mean staying in the afk channel please xoxo) Goodluck with your app.

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From when I've been on jailbreak with you, you certainly seem like a good guy.  However, you do really lack posts on the forums and I don't remember seeing you on TeamSpeak any more than a couple of times, if that.  That could easily be down to my own inactivity in recent weeks, so I apologise if you've gone on it more in that time and I just haven't seen you.

From me it would be a +1, but I think you would have to be more active on platforms other than Jailbreak to pass a trial.  gl xo


EDIT: if he's pulling an Atzul and disagreeing with any criticism then I'll have to change to neutral. soz

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i do see you on jailbreak a fair bit, you're a little less active now but thats easy to change :D also have never seen you on teamspeak and you should probs get a little more involved on the forums. However, you're a nice guy and with a little bit of effort to get more integrated with the community you'd definitely be member material. +1

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Will start to be more active on TS, thanks for all the positive feedback :)


8 hours ago, Mintlou said:

27th October 1998



That would make you 18. I'm sure that's just a typo. 

Good luck with the app. Membership is about getting people to know you for good reasons. :) 

And yeah, typo sorry.


Thanks for letting me know

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43 minutes ago, Extinct ツ said:

Never seen you on before but today you were just aids joining the mixroom and making a random aids noise then leaving.Not a good first impression to make.



37 minutes ago, Thunder said:

Although I haven't talked to you, you did join my mix room today without being invited, making weird noises. 

Therefore imo not member material.


Just one point to make, not your mix room, a public one where anyone is free to join. Also, I don't think making a "noise" is license for such negative feedback. You guys might have a high status on OB, but regardless of that, should try to exercise a little less anger and hatred towards people in the community. Despite the "noise" I honestly disagree with both -1's on simple grounds that neither are truly deserved. You have never met me before, and probably didn't even bother to read my application due to the fact that you simply wanted to try to ruin my chances of becoming part of this community.


Personally, I like OB, and the people that operate within it. If you look above, you can see positive comments, along with helpful criticism. What you are doing is simply harsh, none required criticism on unrelated grounds.

Not trying to spark an argument, but I don't think such comments should just go unaddressed. If I did make a bad first impression to you two, then I'm sorry for that, but I simply didn't think such a harmless action would spark such a violent reaction.

Thankyou, Moz.

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Hello Moz,

From seeing you on the server ive found you to be quite trolly at times which is something you need to work on but you do have a genuine interest in the server which is scarce these days. Possibly a bit early for member possibly not I dont know. Im getting splinters in my arse from sitting on the fence here so good luck with it I guess.:grandma:

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Haven't seen you on ts in months & can't really remember who you are of the top of my head.

You need to be more active on teamspeak & get to know people before you get member in my opinion.

Also not many quality pots or even interaction on the forums, try start some posts or get involved with stuff.

-1 this time bruh 

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5 hours ago, Mozblast 2.0 said:

Just one point to make, not your mix room, a public one where anyone is free to join.

I dont think its a good thing to lie when all the proof is here.

Why would i care to ruin your chances,u need to earn your place by integrating with the community and not lie about what you clearly did and yet be annoying for no apparent reason.

Also love how you poke me that you said "hello" instead of admitting that you were making that noise and then told me "not to craft a point out of bullshit",and now your admitting that you did make the annoying noise ?

My gyazo bugged out so i couldnt take a screenshot of the pokes so ill just post it and hope you take my word for it.
<20:40:43> You poked "Moz" with message: trust me being aids does not get you member if thats what you want
<20:41:19> "Moz" pokes you: all i did was say hello chill
<20:41:29> "corey/cpm" connected to channel "Welcome to Outbreak!"
<20:41:46> You poked "Moz" with message: no u didnt u just made a aids noise and left
<20:41:59> "Moz" pokes you: I said hello
<20:42:08> You poked "Moz" with message: dont try lie out of it
<20:42:23> "Moz" pokes you: Dont try to craft a point out of bullshit
<20:42:37> You poked "Moz" with message: god ur already blocked
<20:42:43> "Moz" pokes you: kk

Its just disrespectful to join mix rooms and just be annoying,you probably did it to all these other channels aswell.

I dont see why your trying to get away with it,just admit to your mistakes and not lie.

Just re-apply when you've grown up 


Edited by Gunstar

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