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ESL Outbreak Spring 2017 - Results

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Thanks for this event, probably coming from a slightly biased viewpoint, but I thought the teams were well put together and they weren't too imbalanced. Nick and Sovman were really strong but I think you're under-evaluating how well Wurdy and LK turned up, especially for a GN4 and DMG, there wasn't one game where either of them really played badly, and I think blaming our team's success on entirely the pre-made teams, and not how well people actually played and the form they were in is unfair.

Thanks for the tourney, really well organised and ran smoothly. 


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26 minutes ago, Sniffles said:

I loved hearing Rachel and Nuclear argue before and after every match in teamspeak.


GJ for making a decent tournament which wasn't massively unbalanced team wise and was fun for those competing you both have earned a honor


Guaranteed Rachels reaction to this is :spooky::spooky::spooky::spooky::spooky::spooky::spooky::spooky::spooky::spooky::spooky::spooky::spooky::spooky::spooky:

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