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Its Friday (Re-Introduction)

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Hi there, Some Of You May Already Know Me As Predator Or Its Friday. I Have Been Gone For A While Mainly Because Of Upgrading My PC.

I Am Making A Re-Introduction Due To My First One Being Absolute Shit.

My Name Is Maris, And My Nickname Is Akram. I Have A Nickname Because My Parents Told Me The Story Of How They Could Not Figure Out A Name They Both Agreed On, However I Prefer Akram.

I Have Been Gaming On PC For Only About 1 Year And 6 Months, I Prefer PC Gaming Over Console Gaming Because On PC You Can Add Stuff Such As Mods And It's Way More Challenging And Also Fun.

Why Exactly Did I Choose PC Gaming? (Other Than What I Have Already Said^^) Mainly Because When I First Started To Watch LeafyIsHere I Adored Surfing.

Additional Info: I Come From Somaliland And Also I Am Half Dutch, I Barely Speak Dutch However I Can Understand It. I Was Born And Raised In England, London And Have Lived Here All My Life.

I Hope You Had Fun Reading My Re-Introduction 


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17 minutes ago, Brandon said:

is there a reason you made every start of a word a capital 

Dunno I Have Just Been Doing This Ever Since The Playstation 3.

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27 minutes ago, Blyss said:

What About You Upgrade Your Brain And Stop Watching LeafyIsHere?

Stopped Watching Him A While Back, Just Find Him Not Entertaining Anymore.

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