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ESL Outbreak Spring 2017 - 07/04 - 09/04

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  • Rank Requirements: There will be no set rank that you must be above before signing up for this event, however you must have at least attained a MM rank that you can provide within the sign up template. We are doing this so we can be an inclusive as possible. However please note that we are within our right to prioritise spots in the interest of making the tournament as competitive as possible, players who we consider more reliable will likely be given spots first despite us not explicitly excluding anyone.
  • Commitment: As mentioned previously, please ensure you are available before signing up for this event. There will be no more than 3 games maximum per night which will be dated as soon as we confirm numbers. This is an OB event and failure to comply with event host expectations can result in punishments.
  • Reserves: We will still be wanting reserves in the case of emergency step ins being needed. If you are unsure about being able to commit completely and wish to sign up, please do so as a reserve first and update your post later on if needed. As usual, when picking reserves the player will be either equal or worse - replacements will not always be ideal and the best fit will be provided where possible so we do not expect people to pester hosts about these decisions.
  • Maps: Cache, Cobblestone, Mirage, Overpass, Nuke, Train, Dust2, Inferno
  • We will be using Popflash.
  • Tournament Format: This will be confirmed once we know the number of teams available to us, though will likely take on a similar layout to the previous tournament.
  • Prizes: At the bare minimum there will be OB Champ and forum award given to the winners. Further prizes are considered but unlikely, larger prizes will be reserved for the hopefully larger Summer tournaments.
  • Twitch: There will not be a stream for this tournament, however if anyone does record any clips from the tournament and provides them for us to use - we will be willing to put them into a video for the Outbreak YouTube channel.
  • Stats: Similar to last time, stats are easily kept through Popflash and will be released shortly after tournament conclusion.

Please sign up and find base information on the calendar page linked above.

Further update and information will be posted in this thread, so please keep returning to it for further information including match times and teams once you've signed up on the calendar page.

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Official sign ups are closed, but you can still sign up to be a reserve or possible emergency replacement in the calendar comments.

Teams will be posted shortly with match times.

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The teams and schedule have been done and are ready for the tournament between the 7th and 9th April. The teams are as follows:

  • Team 1 - Oldmike | Kai | Mintlou | ZakTEF | Rhyse
  • Team 2 - Lewis | Blyss | Liutvi | JME | Holo
  • Team 3 - Nick | Sovman | lkgddr | Cereal | Wurdy
  • Team 4 - Danny | Brandon | Rachel | Scrune | Nuclear
  • Team 5 - Extinct | Veng3nce | Joji | Desi | Quake
  • Team 6 - Chus | Mitch | Weezy | Lion | Tammahshay
  • Team 7 - Stiqqy | Absolute | Unseen | Pasickle | Vemix
  • Team 8 - Thunder | Fluxy | Eraser | Gerald | Future

This tournament will begin with a group stage with everyone playing each other once:


  • Team 2
  • Team 4
  • Team 7
  • Team 8


  • Team 1
  • Team 3
  • Team 5
  • Team 6


Friday 7th April

  • 6PM BST
    - Team 2 vs Team 4
    - Team 7 vs Team 8
  • 7PM BST
    - Team 2 vs Team 7
    - Team 4 vs Team 8
  • 9PM BST
    - Team 1 vs Team 3
    - Team 5 vs Team 6
  • 10PM BST
    - Team 1 vs Team 5
    - Team 3 vs Team 6

Match times allocated based upon players availability given in sign up thread. If this causes any issues please let us know, however it was made clear that you should have made us aware previously.

Saturday 8th April

  • 6PM BST
    - Team 2 vs Team 8
    - Team 4 vs Team 7
    - Team 1 vs Team 6
    - Team 3 vs Team 5
  • 7PM BST
    - Semifinal 1 (BO1): Winner Group A vs Runner Up Group B 
    - Semifinal 2 (BO1): Winner Group B vs Runner Up Group A

Sunday 9th April

  • 6PM BST
    - Grand Final (BO3)


  • Please ensure you are on TS and ready 10 minutes before any of your matches on the day.
  • We understand it may appear that the teams are of a slightly lower standard, however this is due to the spread out nature of the teams as we pushed for 8 teams rather than the previous 6.
  • Some individuals were made reserve due to numbers, and were picked out either due to balancing or simply for being later to sign up. Sorry for any who miss out, however if you are still interested in being a sub/reserve if needed please keep in the tournament loop.
  • If you decide a name as your team, please let us know and we can swap it for the numbers.
  • Any questions please take them to myself or Lewis.

Edit: Thread will now be unlocked for discussion about the tournament, any reserve sign ups should still be taken to the calendar page though.

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8 minutes ago, ҉NuclearGamer said:

Team 4 now renamed to ToxicUber

no its not

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1 minute ago, Thunder said:

I say it is!

you have no rights to say anything about it men!

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