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March Update 2017

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Hola mis amigos

Been a while since the last update due to the busy and quiet nature meaning there wasn't much to post about last month, but hopefully things now are being kicked back into gear and the updates will keep coming.

- New Staff
First off we'd like to welcome the following individuals to the moderator team:

- Fxden
- Cereal
- Quake
- Twiixtor

Congratulations to the three new bloods and welcome back to Twiixtor. Moderator apps will be closing soon.

- Adios
Continuing on from last update, we had a few more people stepping away from staff ranks. So to the following individuals:

- Substick
- Pepe
- Brandon
- Daffy
- Weezy
- Rory
- Pasickle

We'd like to say a massive thank you all for the time you put into the community. Most of you are still present in our community and will continue to help out where you can we're sure, but taking on the responsibility as part of staff often puts you in a spot with others that isn't always easy to deal with. Although keeping the staff fresh and active is important, having individuals who have been in a similar role in the past as part of our core memberbase can only continue to make our core community stronger. There would be more I would like to say about each person individually but I hope I was able to bring that appreciation across to them directly at the time, so this is to just provide some recognition for them all.

- ESL Outbreak Spring Tournament
We have the next Outbreak CSGO tournament coming up during the Easter holidays. The post will be up sometime in the next few days so make sure to look out for it if you want to get in on OB's seasonal competitive action. We intend for this to take a similar style to the most recent Winter tournament.

- Awards
As mentioned in the last update, awards are on their way. There will be a variety of awards to recognise a wide range of achievements. For the time being the main awards being awarded for you to see are victory trophies for victors of Outbreak's tournaments, however we have many more to come and are open to reasonable suggestions for future awards.

Below are screenshots of Rachel's awards to provide an example:


Awards as shown on Rachel's profile tab:



Awards as shown next to Rachel's forum posts:



If you have any questions about anything, make sure to ask. I'm sure there'll be more to come in coming updates, among the busy times :devil::hmm::devil:

The OB Staff

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