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specky {birthday boy}

Hey im specky

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hey im aaron im 14 years old 

i live in perth scotland 

i have been gaming since aroud 7 years old 

i only started cs 4 months ago and jb 1-2 months ago

i play football with mates and enjoy going to watch my team at the weekends

im very bad at comp lol still in silver 

used to stream alot had 110 followers and got purged cause of my mate being an idiot 

enjoy talking in the OB Ts and being social 

Hope to meet you guys soon.

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Hey Specky, welcome to the forums!  I've seen you on JB and sat around with you in a room on TeamSpeak earlier and you seem nice, hope you enjoy your stay ;)

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Hey bud, i hope the help that izac, gerald and me gave was helpful :). Come to teamspeak more, you sound like a cool/ funny guy.

Edited by Toby.

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Welcome to Outbreak, I'm OB's meanest person. Hope you enjoy your stay here and if there is anything you need at all, please feel free to contact me. You'll always find me in the kitchen at parties, in the pub, or in the OG channel on teamspeak.


I have given you a +reputation to get you started on the forums. Check out my forum signature for more details.


Kind regards,

Jak (meanest person in OB)

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