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Hey (Introduction - Culy)

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Hey, i'm Lucy (Culy) and i'm 15 from South Wales (Yes, i fuck sheep. Specifically one called Geoffrei or Rachel ;) ).

I only started gaming last year as until then I did not own any type of console or PC. I don't play as many games as i used to, due to the fact that i am spending most of my time reading, sleeping or studying - as I have exams soon, and I also have a laptop that can only run a meager amount of games.  However i will still occasionally play a few games depending on who is playing it with me. I mostly play Gmod or LoL although i'm pretty bad, as anyone who has played with me can confirm this. I watch anime quite a bit but not enough to make me a weeb. Some of you may know me from ts as I've been on there (with the kool krew in one of the generic or mix rooms) for a few months but haven't made an account until now. I'm not sure what I want to do in the future but I hope to go into Writing or Tattooing.  I listen to a variety of music from Alternative rock to Indie pop and occasionally Heavy metal, and am pretty much listening to music 24/7. I like to draw and design and plan on using those talents for a future job. Once my exams are out of the way I will try and play on the actual OB servers and I was introduced to OB by two idiots called Marsh and R1sk (Don't kill me). I will do pretty much anything for a teacake and i'm consistently nice if you are.

Thanks for reading. :spooky:

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27 minutes ago, Fluxy said:

I wonder how many pages this intro thread is going to get too...:hmm:

Kidding. Welcome to the forums, what sort of books do you like to read? 

Either fantasy, thriller or horror, I do like some romance and historical fiction too and my favourite books are The Perks of being a Wallflower, and The Lovely Bones

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2 minutes ago, Fluxy said:

Have you read this? 


If you haven't I highly recommend it. 

I haven't read it but i'm pretty sure I've heard of it and ill read it when i get the chance.

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