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January Update 2017

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Hey all

Coming in with your monthly post (just) to keep you all updated on what's happened and a couple of upcoming tidbits.

- Staff: Welcome
So since the last update we've had quite a few staff changes and we are happy to welcome the following individuals to the moderator team:

- GingerPopper
- Designated Retard
- Skill

Congratulations to those individuals on their new roles.

- Staff: Goodbye
With fresh blood coming in also lead to some old blood stepping away. I would like to say a massive thank you to both JayDog and CQCOD for the time they put into this community. Regardless of your role in staff, you are giving up your time to volunteer to help run a community of individuals who will definitely give you more flak than appreciation for your efforts. Thanks once again to you both.

- Forum: Awards
As some of you might have noticed, myself and Conor have weird award badges underneath our names and on our profile pages. The ones we currently have are just for testing and we're still setting it up. However the hope is to have a variety of badges to value both achievements of individuals in this community as well as provide interesting things for people to work towards. More info on this will be given in due course but for now it's something to come.

- Events: Sign Up & Review
The current event is a prime example of this, and most of you have grabbed the simplicity of it already which is great. Essentially we are utilising the perks we have available to us and converting our sign ups onto the calendar. The post will still be made in the event section, at least for the time being, to link to the calendar page and results will still be posted in the event section too. After an event has taken place, the calendar review system will become available so that individuals can rate the event and give proper feedback. We'll continue looking into ways to make it better but for now this is what we are doing as a transition phase.

- YouTube: Content & Subscribe
With the conclusion of the Hearthstone tournament, a few more videos were added to Outbreak's YouTube channel alongside a couple of CS:GO Summer tournament clips. We hope to start involving more content on the channel and evolve the different media outlets for our community with time. However one of the things we would ideally like is a custom URL, something which is only achievable through earning 100 subscribers. We don't want to beg our way up, but it would be a great help if our memberbase could get the count going by subscribing to our channel.


That's about it for now, though we're sure there'll be more bits and bobs to post about as February heads our way. :devil:

The OB Staff

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