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Hearthstone Tournament 20/1/17 - 22/1/17

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Hello everyone, and welcome to Outbreak's offical inaugural Hearthstone tournament. This is the sign up and information page for all things relating to it.  

The details of the tournament structure and rules are as follows .PLEASE READ.

  • It will take place on the weekend of the 20th to the 22nd of January, it might not take the whole weekend but these are the provisional dates. 
  • The tournament will be in the STANDARD format. No WILD decks will be permitted. I'm sorry if this will make some who haven't been currently playing the game alot feel excluded if they have old decks but this to keep it as fair as possible.  
  • Entrants will be required to have 3 decks, a max of one per class.
  • Matches will be BO5s and you can only win one game per deck, meaning that to win a match you will need to win 3 games with each of your 3 decks. If you lose a game you can still use that deck in the next one, until you win with it. 
  • The semi final and final matches will be streamed and casted (hopefully) 
  • Prizes are yet unconfirmed but more to follow on this. 
  • After some discussion it has been decided that submission of decks to the organisers before hand is not necessary, so while you are not meant to edit any of your decks during the course of the tournament we have no real way of checking this so please be a good sport and don't do this. Anyone who is suspected of using different decks from the ones they started with will be disqualified. (Yes even if you unpack Kazakus half way through) 
  • All dates and times for the games will be posted here so please check, if you do not show up for your match without 12 hours notice you risk being disqualified.
  • There is no max amount of people who can sign up, but for the tournament to run smoothly there needs to be a even number of participants. Sign up will be closed on Wednesday the 18th so that gives you until two days before the start of the tournament to sort your decks out. If there are an odd number of people when the sign up closes the last person won't get in, so get in fast if you really want to play!    


That is all the information I can think to include at the moment, if I think of anything else I will add it so please keep checking this page incase you missed anything. 

*IMPORTANT* edit 18.1.17


Tournament format has changed slightly to accommodate the number of players we have. 

The new format is, there are 4 groups of 3 players, each player in the group will play the others in that group once. The player with the most matches won will progress. If there is a tie the person who won most games within those matches will progress. If there is then still a tie a playoff will be held. The top 4 players will then progress to a finals bracket where the winner will be decided. 

Games will begin at 6PM on Friday. There will be a tournament link posted where you can view who you are playing. Finals will be on Saturday. 



Friday 20th 


Fxden - Finnley

Fluxy - Rhyse 

Dannys - IrishChamp 

Blyss - Substick 

6.30 PM

Finnley - Chris Lord 

Rhyse - Skillershark 

Irish - Gunstar 

Substick - KingKiper


Fxden - Chris Lord 

Fluxy - Skillershark 


Blyss - KingKiper. 




Sign Ups

As this is in a official Outbreak event usual priority is given to Members, Donators, Staff, Veterans and VIPs and those with event bans or cooldowns will not be able to take part. All you gotta do to sign up is reply to this thread with "I'm in", "In" or simply, this gif.


  1. Fluxy
  2. Rhyse 
  3. Gunstar
  4. Blyss
  5. IrishChimpo
  6. Fxden
  7. Substick
  8. KingKiper
  9. Weezy
  10. Skillershark  
  11. DannyS
  12. Finnley
  13. Revillia
  14. Chris Lord


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Edit: Messaged Fluxy but for other's clarification too - dropping out of this due to family stuff meaning I'll be in and out at idk what times + I only have 1 deck tbh anyway, was competing for the memes. Will still be able to help out here and there.

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I'll try my murloc decks.

I'm upset Fluxy, you make wild decks not allowed, which means people who haven't played a lot in the last months are already behind (me). Then you make us build THREE viable decks with the little dust I get from my wild cards, which is just straight up impossible... So yeah, some budget murloc decks will come out from me, hoping to get the best mulligens in the tournament so I can RNG myself to victory!

tl;dr sign me up, but I am upset. hehe


aurrrrrrrrruuuuggguglugglugglugluguaa -Sir Finley Mrrgglton

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No wild decks may make it worse on people that haven't played recently, but it's either a few people get upset because they don't have cards or a few people get upset because they disenchanted old cards and they have to deal with shit like secret paladin and Dr.boom

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