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JamesG's Member app (DECLINED)

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Player Name: JamesG

Date of Birth: 18/7/2000


Country/Location: Watford, England

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:37854122

Games Played: GTA V, CSGO, Gmod, Left for Dead 2, Football Managers (09-17)

Roughly how long have you been playing our server(s)? May 2015

What qualities can you bring to Outbreak? Always on TS, always up for a competitives, love playing GTA V I'll also always join in GTA.

Tell us a little something about yourself: I’m 16, spent 30 days in Israel last summer, Went to Poland for 6 days in November. Held a Watford Season Ticket since I was about 2.

Is this your first post? Definitely not.

Have you been around for less than 2 weeks (this includes Teamspeak and forums)? Nope.



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We all know James, we all know he can be an insane pain in the ass and sometimes you just need some time without his voice.

However in the past weeks i've seen improvements from him (looking at his attitude) and no longer does he just insta speak over people but don't get me wrong a lot of people still find him very anoyying and probably got him muted however it's just my opinion. I would give him a second chance because when you lose your member once it breaks your heart and you really wanna get it back so I think if he gets it he will take well care of his membership and hopefully keep it for a longer period, trust me I know what it feels like.


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Tricky one. 

Cant say dosent have good ts and forum presence and intergration....people certainly know you. I'd say, give him a trial, why not I guess but 3 things you NEED to stop doing. 

1. Stop fucking lying about shit, people will remember what you say and will call you out on it.  

2. Stop constantly trying to get people's attention, I have literally heard you say someone's name like 7 times in a row trying to get your attention. A lot of people have you muted, please realise this. 

3. This is sort of a general tip that applies to the other two, please just try and at least think some things through before you say them. It will help you out a lot :) 

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I feel like I was out the loop a bit so I've just had a little look at your past member applications among various other things. I would argue you're a perfect candidate for membership if we forget about the previous ban & loss of membership, however you seem keen to join again and this is why we have the trial. So I disagree with @Fluxy, it isn't tricky at all.

My advice is to put James on trial, perhaps extending the trial for emphasis of the thin ice that the past created. From there we just act normally, granting membership on an assessment of the trial.


We really need to make use of our trial system more - Inviting people into the community based on their trials, not inviting people on a trial based on their current membershippiness.

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Hey James,

Despite some minor improvements in some areas, the staff team as a whole agreed that there is a long way to go before you are member material again. A lot of the time your positives often appear forced and people often find that you lie about things you have done to try make yourself look better, which just makes us less likely to see any genuine improvements. It has also been noted that you can often come across as toxic and been involved in a few incidents where your reproachful behaviour is linked to OB. Due to this, alongside your often immature, lack of sense nature, it makes it so we cannot give you a trial at this time.

Sorry to disappoint,
The OB Staff

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