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I've noticed that barely anything has been posted in this topic for a while, and I would like people to share clips, from any game like CS or League etc. As alot of the time there are threads just spread across the forums full of clips, not necessarily montages though.

Here is a clip from league i got quite recently (Ignore the background noise)


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7 minutes ago, Gunstar said:




anyway got a sick kobe just now, soz for black bars vegas is a little cunt. (for ppl that don't play h1 nades are pretty hard to hit, i can only think of a handful of players that can consistently hit them)

and yes i hate myself for using magnum but the stupid game forces me to since it's the best wep in the game.

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I tried making a small edit in windows movie maker (because I don't have any good software), it's not too bad really. Made it based on the launch of the Dragonfire which I'd been hyped for, for over 2 years.

I also made a CS:GO-Overwatch meme in WMM here.


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Ok my friend https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL5d1iGa_7z5SK_--fsqi-w (LuXcs) just makes shitty clips and he decided to make a mini montage, he asked me for a good game of mine so I took one from the tourney

Anyway I think its pretty cool and I thought I would share it :/

(all the clips were taken from one game)


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