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Hearthstone tournament?

Allow Wild decks?   

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  1. 1. Allow Wild decks?

    • Yes
    • No

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Hello my dudes. 


So was thinking the other day, maybe be possible to get a very small friendly hearthstone tournament going? The way I imagining it being done we will need a minimum of 8 people to sign up so this is sort of just gauging interest. 

How it would work: 

-You sign up and submit 3 different decks, one for each class, that you are going to use. You can just screen shot your decklist in the "My Collection" bit for ease. 

-Each match will be a best of 5 and you will obviously need to win 3 games to win the match, however, once you have won a game with a deck you can not use that deck for the remainder of the match. This is to avoid people just hamming out one OP deck for the whole tourny. Obviously if you lose a game you can reuse that deck again and again till you win a game in the series.

- Normal seeding system, effectively looking like this seeded-tournament-bracket.jpg  

- Prize, since its my idea ill put up some money for this, a fiver for some nice new packs sounds good to me. 


So yeah. Please just indicate on this thread if you would like to do something like this. Obvs more than 8 people can sign up and we can go from there. 


*PS* have attached a poll asking whether people want wild decks or not, I know there are some who really only have wild decks because they havent played in a while. 

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The poll is mostly to see what people think but its likely that I will say Wild will be allowed to be more inclusive as FX said. Also decks being shown before hand isnt a big a deal as you would think. Knowing exactly what cards someone is going to use wont stop you from getting wrecked by them if they are better or have better RNG than you. Want to build a deck to just counter one you saw someone else using? You are going to be putting yourself at a disadvantage against everyone else. In addition it could be stated that all decks will be posted on the same day, maybe the day before the tournament. 

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Considering the only deck I have ever used and likely will ever use is a shitty and basic Shaman 'Totally Totems' because I don't spend any money on the game and I used to just play it to pass time in between lessons on my ipod, I think I might get stomped somehow in this.

With a game like Hearthstone it'll always be tough to 'mediate' it as such because the strength of your deck either relies on your purchases or extreme amount of play time. The only games that will really be determined by skill are those that either have 2 players who have similar deck strengths (that or if someone is flat out retarded and they lose to someone with a far worse deck).

Your rule to restrict using the same deck twice is good to stop the 'most op style of deck' just snowballing a BO5, but at the same time excludes people such as myself who currently have only put enough time into the game to even have one mediocre deck (I haven't even unlocked the free cards for any classes except Shaman or Mage despite playing for years on and off lul). Though it can also be argued that people who can't even provide 3 decks in the first place might not have played enough for a tournament - who knows.

Either way I'll be interested in playing. Due to it being free and the wide spread interest in the game as of late, it was another game that I had considered doing an official OB tourney styled thing for at some point (as we are a multi-gaming community), but I'm all for this at the same time.

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I would absolutely love to play in one of these :)!!!!


Definitely not wild though. would rather play the meta currently event if it's not my favourite :).  I was actually planning of trying to put a tourney together but I'm glad somebody else wants to :).


I think  I would recommend the conquest style of tournament.  something like everyone making 4 decks,   opponent ban's one class.  no player is allowed more than one deck with each class etc.  Players would need to win with all their decks to beat their opponent.  Final could be bo5.


Sorry typing this on phone.

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im down, as long it's before xmas weekend. 

RIP Wild cards... and do we HAVE to show our full deck? I don't want to due to strategic purposes even if you "can't really make a specific deck to counter it" or "gonna get rekt anyway".

Thanks, I am also willing to help organise it if u want.

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