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Flame's Introduction

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Hey there everyone,

My name is Flame. I have played on this server many months ago and even sometimes before that, some of you may, briefly, remember me. However at the time I wasn't too active and i didn't exactly make my mark in the community; A few of your staff may already know me a little, probably Twixx.

I'm 14, almost 15 (I say I'm 13 in-game to make people that age salty, its quite funny, sorry) and I pretty much play CS:GO all day, if I can. I design graphics and dabble a little in coding here and there, hit me up if u want graphics or something ;). 

I don't know any more to say, but one last thing. Last time I played on the server I managed to get Twix, Sub and Pepe to ban and mute me around 7 times, for the bants, someone ban me for 1 second just so its even (I don't know if in-game it counts it but I do :/) LOL.

Anyway thanks ;),

See you all around!

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Hey Flame,

Next time you ask I will remember you, because you made an intro! That's great. However I don't think you should advertise your bans in your intro... Bans in OB community are definitely NOT something to be proud of. On top of that it will make you kind of notorious and people might try to avoid you eventually.

I hope you stop gathering the bans and actually become a nice asset to our community! Pop up on teamspeak some time, where we organise CS:GO gathers (5 v 5s), play tons of other games and generally just hang out to talk to eachother.

See you around.

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Thanks for the feedback; the only real punishement was a minutes ban because my mic button wouldnt stop. The rest are Twix or sub :P

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