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November Update 2016

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Hey all

Although we do updates addressing issues and announcements somewhat frequently, some of you had requested that the monthly updates become more consistent (as previously they were only posted when there was key things to be said) and include other varied content about the on goings in OB. This update will just cover a couple of the changes that have took place recently. I will be writing it in my usual format as it's about the content anyway, I'm too lazy to jazz up the colours and it's always good practice for writing my UCAS!!! (ty lewis xo)

- Surf: Down The Gallows
You will notice that the surf server tab is no longer at the top of the forum and most of you will know that it has been closed. Due to its lack of life and our want to focus on putting life back into JB before expanding once again, we decided to take it down. Whether surf will return or we'll try something else when it comes to it hasn't been decided and will be something we'll consider in time, but until we reach a point that we feel we can comfortably expand then it isn't something we'll address as what people enjoy changes. We wouldn't say Surf was a failure as it did have its moments and did well for a period of time, but the timing of a lot of its running was poorly coincided with other OB work, the lives of staff and the slight decline of JB. #RIPSurf2k16

- Jailbreak: Jazz
Following on from Surf then, the main focus of OB at the moment is about putting life back into JB. Our community is a lot more than just JB as many of you know, hence why a lot of people are disinterested by the idea of playing the server - however it's where we bring in new people. Regardless of whether you are a 2k12er, 2k13er up to a 2k16er nearly all of us came through a gameserver that had that OB vibe and JB is our base format for that atmosphere. Bringing in new people is what it's about, we meet all sorts of people from all sorts of backgrounds and it's reeling them in to become a part of our group that makes us a community - more so than many other gaming groups. There has been a thread in the Outbreak Club (member/donator) section to discuss improvements and feel free to let any staff know or make a thread in the SnQ if you have anything. We're all here and we're a part of our corner, it's only right we all put our bit in as staff, ex-staff, members, regulars - already I have seen improvements and enjoyment on our server thanks to old faces popping up on JB so let's keep that going.

- Membership: Expectations
Continuing on about everyone doing their bit, just a small note about the standards we want from members. We have a lax nature in this community (generally) and, especially on TS, the jokes and attitude is mostly centered around the banter. However on JB it comes to our attention, and this isn't to pick at individuals as a lot of people do it casually, that members often are reproachful (essentially being twats with blue names xo) and although intended as 'banter' it can come across as toxic. Members used to be considered the role models for regulars, they often would be the ones explaining things, creating that OB atmosphere so that the mods could keep everything moderated without having to also answer a million questions. This isn't about censoring what you do, but just think about how it can come across when you say/type it.

We also of course encourage activity from all of our members on all of our platforms, even if it's just popping in JB every now and then. Before the last couple of days, it was like 13 of the 60 odd non-staff OB members were also JB regulars - so you get the idea about how we need our members to also be that backbone for our server.

- Mods: Applications
Moving on from member expectations (these transitions though), we will be setting up open moderator applications. By this I mean the applications will be open for an extended period of time and won't be working in the conventional manner, simply that each admin meeting we have there's a chance we might pick up individuals or we might prolong it to the next meeting and not pick anyone. It essentially gives people a lot of time to show their commitment if they are genuinely interested in becoming a mod (hence people who have no hours could reasonably pick that up for an extended period of time and have a chance) as well as giving us as staff the freedom to pick people out and give them improvements over time. Regardless, as regulars and members there's still a lot you can contribute to our community so don't worry about this too much - it's just there.

- Promotion: Stinking Bonghead
This doesn't really follow on from the previous part as much as the others do, but you will have seen a new individual with a darker green name and S shield on TS. We're happy to congratulate Finnley on his promotion to Senior Moderator. He has been putting a lot of extra effort in on top of his regular moderating and we felt he had established himself well enough to take up the role, so best of luck to him in the new position.


That's about it for this post, thanks for reading (if you even did or can) and there are no strings on me :devil:
The OB Staff

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