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Please edit the OG Channel

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4 hours ago, Jaydog! said:

Just to throw my bit in there, I get on with everyone in any channel... but in the interest of fairness sometimes people in the channel do certain things to bait mods into taking action...  Some of us can see you doing it and ignore it, some don't see the 'bait' and take action.

You don't notice at all that this stupid shit is ruining this community. People are leaving to join other places, if it carry's on like this then it will just be 'the OG Channel Community'. 

People wont post on the forums because they are scared of being trolled or honor farmed.
People wont join team speak because they worry about getting torn into.
People wont apply for member because they see Regular/VIP/Donate  as a better tag now days. 

Member gets you benefits such as:

  • Priority in events that are mostly always filled by solely members anyway. So how are non members supposed to want this?
  • The ability to take up more responsibility that most people won't be able to deal with anyway through event hosting and applying to moderate.
  • "The opportunity to receive future perks that may be added to the server (currently looked into)", this is vaguely worded and not a benefit.

The member system and it's benefits have been the same for a long time and aren't well thought through.

I don't mean to get at anyone, But this shit is ruining a community that is meant to be great... and it just isn't these days. 

This community is great, good job advertising it JayDog, regardless of a lack of growth I love the people in this community and it certainly is a great community. 



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Lol what is this utter aids? I thought I caused the aids in ob, but I go away and its 10x worse. I've read all of this thread, had chats with vets and admins alike and sat back and witnessed the monstrosity that was Thursday night. What I'm gonna say is largely sitting on the fence, because I have a loyalty to most of the vets, but also don't wanna see OB die.

As I've done lately, I'm just gonna put bullet point all this important shit, because there's too much tl;dr here for the average man. You may find me a hypocrite as I've done a lot of the shit you're doing in the past, but the main points of the post is that you don't really have the entitlement to moan about it, there's also a limit to how it should be done and I'll highlight some of the implications this is causing.


  1. The occasional wind tunnel is funny, I've done it for the past 4 years, and as most of you are aware, I've been banned for it at times. Even by some of you who are moaning about getting banned for it- as most vets have been admins in the past. If someone's windtunneling/screaming in the most active channel in ts, you're going to have to be muted, just like any aids microphone on the server.
  2. I know you're all different people, but when you're saying 'We're all very welcoming' but refusing certain people entry to the channel to socialise because they don't want to break certain ts rules is pretty contradictory.
  3. Venga I believe in the fact he responds with immediate emotion at a ban of a fellow vet for the reaction and banter, but I think some of you genuinely get confused/annoyed/frustrated/aggressive when someone gets banned for a legitimate reason, which is pretty odd. 
  4. I know it may seem like a betrayal to you guys, but as I said, I've spoken to a few mods and mod+'s who are actually ?upset? or more so just had enough with the utter aids recently, don't want to be dealing with the constant drama. And although I was told this privately by several mods, without explicit permission to share it publicly, but so you guys can get an idea of the problems -  a few mods and mod+'s are actually considering stepping down from their posts (no, not just brand0) purely because of the constant hate/problems caused by the OG channel. 
  5. I know most of you guys would be happy if it came to just having a ts channel for outbreak, as none of you really play CS anymore, but I'm sure none of you actually want to see hard working mods resign or the server slowly die. Some of the mods we have now have worked a lot harder than we ever did. Yes, we worked hard when the community was first initiated - well, actually, the majority of you didn't, just me and Jamie as most of you joined around Summer 2012 when OB was already thriving. Unseen, Conor and Weezy for instance have served, what? Nearly 3 years as mods in outbreak - vastly surpassing the majority of our 6 month or 1 year tenures, or what have you.
  6. But those names are probably where it stops, and where I should turn my attention the admin team, because there is two sides to a story. There's obviously a lot of fresh, young mods around - 9/11 (no meme intended) are from 2015/2016. And as veng acknowledges, certain mods are better at dealing with the aids than others. Perhaps a bit more advice/training for the inexperienced guys on how to deal with it?
  7. Leading on from that, clearly I have no idea what goes on in the admin team, so excuse my ignorance. But at face-value - on the community aspect of things, there seems to be a distinct lack of communication. I know for a fact that other mods will ban when others wouldn't, as I've been told that. Perhaps a meeting, if you already haven't - to discuss this topic in its entirety. Maybe I'm misinterpreting the level of this extremity, but I've got the impression this is one of the biggest dramas OB's had in a while and it's leading to the 'end'. Probably deserves some action, from any of you guys. Take your concerns and suggestions to Unseen+Conor, take an active role in helping, don't just passively moderate and expect things to be fixed over night.
  8. I do also agree with the main suggestion of the thread by Jamie. Channels do already exist, whether a joke or not, with certain descriptions/variations - I see no harm in just having 'Not to be taken literally, expect mature content' or something along those lines. There is a limit to that though. And that's in part why moderators need to be in the channel. It's easy to say daffy is awesome, but (no offence) when I was very active through the summer I didn't really see him on teamspeak much. Maybe that's changed in the last 40 days, but mods like pepe and brandon are on ts all the time, frankly they have to be in the channel to moderate it, on a more consistent basis -  because if a new person from JB happen to does join and racist/derogatory soundboards are being spammed, although the channel says dont take shit literally, it's very odd behaviour, which in my 10 years of cs, and 8 years of going through different cs communities, is something that has never been endorsed. Again, I know this is something I probably popularised, but it goes back to the level of it. There's a line.
  9. Returning the the first sentence of point 8 though, if mods are indeed banning people for posting a link which says NSFW before it, that's something that needs to be addressed. See point 7.
  10. Trolling is funny, I'll never stop that. But at least make it imaginative and varied trolling. The occassional mic-check meme, once every 2-3 days or so is funny, so is windtunneling. I joined a channel just with Unseen+Conor and hard windtunneled, took a 6 hour ban or something. Thursday night, the night I returned was honestly so fucking aids I had to leave teamspeak - CONSTANT screaming down the mic. Obviously you are individuals, and most of you are adults, some even 25 year old men, do what you like: BUT don't moan when you get banned, you all signed up to a community which enforces rules and has moderators, no matter how annoying it is having your behaviour regulated online by someone younger than you.
  11. This isn't directed to all the vets, I'm sure if you sit back and think you can put yourself into the following groups. Those who are doing cheeky odd trolls for reactions and just to continue what has always run in OB to a limit VS those who are deliberately being malicious, trying to drive mods to the limit, arguing every single night, acting like a piece of bum fluff which is always there but nobody wants. Change it.
  12. But I guess the main few points of this are: Take the ban like a man if you break the rules you are already aware of(some of you do this well, others not so well), sit back and think about the amount of it - put yourselves back in your early mod shoes, if Mclovin, Biggles, Gaz etc. joined a channel and you were letting 10 people spam the N word and scream down the mic, that wouldn't look good on you. Frankly I think most ppl on thurs night were very lucky for 5 min bans. Mods, set a regulated standard which you all apply to - just like the server bans/enforcement, and improve your communication. But most importantly for all involved, myself included - think about point number 4.


Take all this on board my friends, and things can go back to normal. 


Yours sincerely,

An old troll who has been banned by at least 60% of you vets for windtunneling.

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Whilst my original post contradicts with a few of the points Lewis makes. He's right. He's not been here due to Uni, he's come back to see this mess. 

We can all agree that the issue which is causing the biggest shit-storm at the moment is the conflict between mods trying to moderate, and participants refusing ban reasons. We are all included. I am included, I'm one of the worst for doing it and I always have been. OB has occasionally slipped into moments in the community where disorder is normal, I fear we are now back in that pit again. I am a part of it. 

Let's look at one source for where most of that 'quickfire' anger comes from. Think about it. What upsets and gets people wound up the most? It's soundboards. I'm not pinning the whole blame of this disruption on them, but somewhere they're always part of why chaos strikes. Soundboards went away for a few months, now they're back. Clearly we cannot be trusted to use then sensibly. And as much of a hypocrite as I sound, they should be on lock down for everyone at this point. People don't like hearing themselves saying things that would otherwise get them banned. Spamming these sound clips begins a snowballing of shit to occur, and because there are so many out of context clips of staff saying things they shouldn't, it encourages it.  If we want to bring back friendly chit-chat without the bans, I think that banning soundboards entirely will be a good start. I've just uninstalled mine.

Lewis opens my eyes when saying that we should accept bans for obvious bullshit. The stuff that would have gotten us a week ban in 2012.  He's right. I'm wrong on some occasions with my appeals to this kind of thing. Fair and justified bans are a part of what makes a set of rules work for the entire community. With a group of many people, law and order sometimes helps. 

We all need to make an effort to talk to each other on the same page, we need to make a community effort to restore some kind of atmosphere that we would want to join. I'm not saying the fun should stop, just that the anger should. The personal attacks need to stop. My soundboard is gone, get rid of yours. I will make an effort to be welcoming. 


Outbreak, let's pull together and get out community back,




Get real .


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Lewis thanks for that. I agree fully with lewis. I like point 12, yes everybody could be aids if you get banned for like 5/20 minutes take it like a man and sit it out and dont be like some people WHY ARE YOU BANNING ME FOR 5 MINUTES WHAT THE FUCK JUST LEAVE THE CHANNEL FUCK OFF YOU SHIT ADMIN. I still remember i poked JamesG with a screamer and it felt good but i got banned for 30minutes and i accepted the ban but it was still worth it. 

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