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Please edit the OG Channel

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Please put in the description or something, that the channel is intended for people that can take mature content, a place to release steam or whatever. I would say 18+ but the intention of the channel is not to have an age-restriction as we have welcomed many people who have been under 18. 

Our channel does NOT need policing. Someone spamming chat with 32, dropping bombs, or general NSFW content should not be met with a ban. Obviously serious shit like bullying, ddosing, hacking, threatening etc should still be dealt with but honestly use your judgement.

The promise was with the removal of 'Veteran' (even though people are still widely known as vets) was that we would have our own channel to chill and release the pressure valve in without having to worry about being banned. Banning for stupid dumb shit like spamming local chat or playing a soundboard just cos that one mod who is sitting there sniping doesn't like it, is so dumb.

Im not having a go at anyone, that is not the intention. But doing this kind of shit is honestly just going to cause fights, let it be obvious that OG channel is intended for audiences who can have a laugh and take a bit of banter. Surprisingly enough as many of you know, we are not cunts unless we are unnecessarily provoked, lol.

tl;dr = give our channel a warning, dont sit there sniping, chill the fuck out.


1 like = 1 veteran supported for poppy day


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While I completely see your point Jamie, people are going to join the OG channel if there are others in it, regardless of what the description may say.

If you have one set of rules for a certain channel in the server and another set for the rest of the server, it really doesn't work. People will whine about getting bans for shouting "N****r" in a public channel and cite people in the OG channel doing the exact same thing and not being told off.

I do agree that sometimes sniping is a bit of a problem and sometimes certain Staff members can lack the ability to tell the difference between what is made as a joke and what is not, setting up new rules for a channel on TeamSpeak is not the solution.

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Vets are shitlords, but also an important part of this community, having been its spinal column through bad times and good. Because of this, they are likely to be pretty entitled. I think most of us don't take our vet status seriously - it's more like a fun fantasy to indulge in. I do however think that some of us actually do take this seriously (not me/Weezy, that's for sure). The idea of grown men taking actual pride in having joined a forum/community a while ago is just beyond absurd.


But we do have a specific and cancerous sense of humour which is largely based on realising that we can get away with a bit more than we used to be able to, because we're aware we are a pretty integral part of the community. This humour also comes from the fact that we know each other extremely well, so we know what we find funny, which as it turns out post-McLovin rule, with its strict 'NO RACISM' rule, is revoltingly politically incorrect garbage.

Also, I think pretty much every vet has been either an admin or a moderator (excluding Jak). As a result, we kind of know how it feels for moderators dealing with difficult community members, but because we are revolting cunts, we use this to wind people up rather than displaying empathy. That being said (and I think this is largely true for vets), the one rule is do not get wound up. We know this, but I don't know if a lot of the mods are quite as aware. Also, I think (generalising here) that mods can feel quite under pressure from us, as if there is genuine anger and outrage, which there is sometimes, say following a ban, but largely we just do it for effect and humour. And if you do get wound up, it's like a red rag to a bull - the vets will charge (as we do each other as well).

Also, we are horrifically ironic/sarcastic - I think about 75% of the average vet conversation is sarcasm/irony, which we know how to interpret because we know each other extremely fucking well. Some of the current admino staff do not know us this well, so it's difficult for them to get to know us. For moderators/admins, one piece of advice in dealing with us mighty vets is to assume we aren't actually having a sincere go at you, and that any shit given is more about playing with your position of authority rather than any personal problem with you. Also, just try and talk with us normally - Daffy does this well, and it completely kills the troll vibe, and Unseen is fucking master diplomat. Even Conor and I talk sometime, and he's the biggest eyes of all!

Right now I think we're in a pretty annoying cycle, not too dissimilar from the relationship between poor black people and the police in America (though obviously OB TS is more important than any boring American shit). Poor black people in poor areas commit loads of crime, so cops are over-zealous in policing/shooting, which in turn creates outrage which then perpetuates the cycle. In the same way, I think over-zealous moderating results in some genuine outrage, which in turn prompts us to behave like shitkids and made moderating exhausting/difficult, which then in turn prompts moderators to be harsher and so on.



Treat us normally, cut us some slack, and let us practise our cancer culture, and we might move toward a situation where we're more moderate but still contribute to the liveliness of this community. Apart from after 10PM at night, then all bets are off. For the record, I think another TS would be cancer - but I also think that the OG channel should remain a bit of a special, if chaotic place.



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Pretty much what Venga said.
As soon as certain members of staff left the channel, it actually quietened down a huge amount into no soundboards and relatively quiet conversation.
When everyone in the channel is enjoying what's going on except one person, we shouldn't have to accommodate that one person when they can leave the channel/mute who they like.

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I think it should stay how it currently is. We need someone in there to make sure that we aren't saying naughty things. I don't know what I'd to if Pepe or Brandon weren't lurking silently at the top of the channel. We need them - and only them - to disagree with every other member of the channel when it comes to using judgement on a set of rules that at some point, we helped to create. We should be following the sound advice from the moderator team; that is to go into a locked channel. That way we can eliminate all chances of being banned for being loud or obnoxious. Oh wait no it doesn't, because they will still join and feel they have to abide by the rules in the strictest form. They are too focused on pleasing almighty Sir_Conor.


Just leave us alone. We don't want you. We don't need you, and we certainly did not ask you to follow us around for the sake of some petty bans.

Be more like JayDog, or Daffy or UnSeen. Monkey see monkey do. 

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Just to throw my bit in there, I get on with everyone in any channel... but in the interest of fairness sometimes people in the channel do certain things to bait mods into taking action...  Some of us can see you doing it and ignore it, some don't see the 'bait' and take action. 

You don't notice at all that this stupid shit is ruining this community. People are leaving to join other places, if it carry's on like this then it will just be 'the OG Channel Community'. 

People wont post on the forums because they are scared of being trolled or rep farmed.
People wont join team speak because they worry about getting torn into.
People wont apply for member because they see Regular/VIP/Donate  as a better tag now days. 

I don't mean to get at anyone, But this shit is ruining a community that is meant to be great... and it just isn't these days. 

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To be quite honest, the issues with OB and its growth are more to do with the cyclical up-and-down nature of JB, as well as the fact that Gaben has made custom game modes increasingly difficult. @Jaydog!, you raised a good point about plugins et al being something where we're often out-competed on by other communities. Re: taking bait and 'taking action' - that's I wrote the above post. A kind of inside view on how we as a group work. 

Also, I'd challenge people leaving to join other communities. I'd say the issue is not enough people joining in in the first place. 

Being trolled - where has someone been overtly trolled which then has resulted them in leaving? I'm not going to ask for them saying, "i'm leaving because of trolling", but for a post where someone has just dropped off after. Also - honor-farming as a source of people leaving? It was like a couple of day fad. Besides, we now farm via private agreements.

People won't join TS? I'd say this is because the 'vet' group have a disproportionate amount of gravitas as being the 'cool' place to be. If you like, put us at the bottom of the Teamspeak list. I know we've bitched about this before, but do it, so that way people will generally join us after having gotten bedded into the Teamspeak a bit more. Also, I don't know of anyone who actually isn't welcoming to people apart from what I've heard of Sony (just talk to him and ask him not to do it, with reasons behind it obv), and Jak who simply mutes and forever ignores someone after (fair enough lol). But what is needed is a different 'base' group - that the vets are the default base centre of gravity for the OB TS raises questions about how you establish another, more server-friendly base in the community i.e another group of people who are consistently talking with each other. For most of us in the loosely-defined vet group, it's about friendship and joking over some long-term server/community objective. Though I don't think anyone in the vet group wants OB to burn to the ground.

I don't see how the member/tag thing is relevant - how does this relate to the vets? You mentioned that members largely stop playing JB - but if you've played this gamemode for years, of course you're gonna tire of it. The main issue is that we are too large a fish in a small pond. If we want to fix things, we need to think about how to grow that pond for the benefit of everyone rather than how to shrink the fish, which will only solve the troublesome fish, rather than the dawning reality that the pond will be too small for anyone if the current trajectory is maintained.

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How would we even repp farm people? Venga nailed this on the head, rep4rep was a temporary meme which lasted a week tops and wasn't ever targeted at anyone lol, business agreements are set up PRIVATELY over whatsapp, steam message etc to allow people to receive a steady flow of repp without harming others or spamming threads.


The focus for the admin team needs to be on growth, whether that be through JB or other means. If people are gonna slither away due to lack of JB then they are welcome to. The amount of people on TS these days is massive compared to what we were back in the day, so there is no danger of OB 'dying'. Admins need to have that dedication though and most of all, comms.

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Like IrishChamp said having a channel that has a specific set of rules that differ to the rest of the channels on TeamSpeak, that allows people to "release steam" and voice mature/18+ content will not work in the slightest.


6 hours ago, Jamie said:

Our channel does NOT need policing. Someone spamming chat with 32, dropping bombs, or general NSFW content should not be met with a ban.

When sometimes channels on the server do get a bit rowdy and bans are handed out it is usually for stuff like sound boarding continuously to the point where it is getting ridiculous and they've been warned or someone who is being extremely offensive and racist, you may think you're being policed a lot but in reality you're not, you do get away with a lot and have done in the past. Also in my year and a bit which I have been I this community I don't think I have seen anyway get banned for the reasons you stated and they're very exaggerated.


4 hours ago, SonyTwan said:

When everyone in the channel is enjoying what's going on except one person, we shouldn't have to accommodate that one person when they can leave the channel/mute who they like.


This is what I hate because someone doesn't like it and they're the only ones complaining they should leave the channel/mute people who are causing the problem. I have no problem with most of the soundboards you guys play and I find most of them entertaining but when an entire channel is spamming their soundboards and all I can hear is a hyperactive Keji reeeing down his mic for two minutes straight that is when it starts to get more than ridiculous. Say the person who was trying to deal with the state of the channel was to leave the channel so all you guys could soundboard it out to your heart's content, it would just get into a trend where it happens more frequently and there would be an uproar when it is finally dealt with.

Say someone, who is trying to integrate and socialize with this new community joins a channel filled with people (which is scary enough when you're new) and just hears a barrage of soundboards at once what impression is that going to give them? Do you think they're going stick around and try to speak new people? I know you guys aren't normally that bad with sound boarding and it's uncommon for people to be warned to tone it down but there is a line and apparently because everyone is fine with it when the line is crossed there should be no intervention. However, if I'm sure that UnSeen was the one in my position attempting to calm a channel down he would have been listened to.


3 hours ago, Mintlou said:

We should be following the sound advice from the moderator team; that is to go into a locked channel.


@Mintlou Sorry if my advice last night wasn't sound, but it's hard to think straight when you're arguing with multiple people at once and one of them is a stubborn "adult" who is in such a false sense of entitlement and refuses to acknowledge anything.

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34 minutes ago, Pepe The Frog said:


@Mintlou Sorry if my advice last night wasn't sound, but it's hard to think straight when you're arguing with multiple people at once and one of them is a stubborn "adult" who is in such a false sense of entitlement and refuses to acknowledge anything.

Where is the valid point?

You didn't have one last night and you don't have one now, so you attack me for having entitlement. You are not listening to a group of 10+ people who have been here for years. You are the stubborn one. I will acknowledge a flexible moderator who is able to adapt to the situation. I have given examples, of which you have stubbornly ignored. Get real.

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