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Shades - Introduction

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Hello my name is Sam and i'm from the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. 

I live with my sister and mom in an apartment. I do not live in downtown Copenhagen but in the perimeter around the city. At the moment im a senior at my highschool going through my last year.

In my free time i work in a hardware store with 3 of my friends. The money i earn i usually spend on ski trips to other contries, i've already been to Austria twice and norway once. Skiing is another thing i love to do and will probaly visit many other countries. 

Other then working i spend a good amount of time on Jailbreak. Im on jailbreak daily around 1-5 hours depending on if i have to work or not. 

I also like swimming in the open ocean. There is a bridge not far from where i live that we jump of in to the ocean sounds silly but it is quite entertaining. Other then swimming i ride my bicycle alot, about 15 km(9.32 miles) 2 or 3 times a week, just to exercise.

I also do ALOT of dumb things, i've had to run from security guards a couple of times where i did not do anything wrong. And in the week where i did not play jailbreak i got myself arrested(Quite funny story) :>

I also like to edit and record videos i use adobe premier pro to edit videos and i use a Gopro hero 4 to record the videos.

In my futrue im looking forward to go to college and study natural science. After college i will study astrophysics in the university of copenhagen.

Im mainly play FPS games like CS and COD and i have a beast laptop which can handle these games which is awesome!

Can't come up with a ending so... bye  



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Welcome to the forums 

Talked to you on Jailbreak and Ts alot super nice guy

Its about time you joined forums :)

Hope you enjoy your stay



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Hello Sam, 
Already met u on JB before, talked around, played comp, etc.
Nice guy, and of course friendly ;D
Welcome to the forums ;D

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