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Event Cooldowns

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Event Cooldowns

From now on we will be handing out cool downs to people who sign up for events and cannot make it, go AFK during it or don't show up without any notice. This is to allow Admins the necessary preparations needed before an event and stop people from taking up a spot which someone else can take and actually play. This means you cannot simply join an event when you are not sure if you can make it or not and then back out later. So if you are signing up for an event, please make sure you can definitely make it and if you are unsure then don't sign up and play the next event instead of getting a cool down for that one.

The following rules will be applied*:

  • Less than 24 hours notice = miss 1 event
  • Less than 1-hour notice = miss 2 events
  • No notice/AFK/leave/kicked due to behaviour from event = miss x events (situational)

List of people on event cooldown:


Template: Name - no. of events (date handed out) - tallies

x - Still to be served   - Served

**It will, however, depend on the situation and in the end is up to the Event Hosts/Admins discretion. For Example, Large Scale Tournaments will have more severe punishments due to the amount of time and effort that hosts have to put in to organise it.  

Last Updated: 11th April 2019 

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