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Hi i am DaNi2L ^^ but my real name is Danial Al-raheb

Im 16 this year ! i lived in Australia for 8 Years since i was small but i am from jordan and living there currently :)

I play Csgo only right now and i have been in the JB Server for a week only but i usually play 3-4 hours a day to have fun 

My first game was Cs1.6 played for like 2 years and been in Csgo for about a year .

a little while back i was in another community and i usto play mc and cs and it was a nice experience eventhough i left it a year or two back but it was a nice community :) 

Im Hoping to make the JB Server more fun and get rid of the hackers or the players going against the rules on porpuse and just let everyone enjoy there time 

Hoping to meet a lot of nice people and enjoy my time here

Thanks for taking your time in reading :)

Regards , DaNi2L ^^ 

P.S My name is always DaNi2L ingame or anywhere


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Hello DaNi2L! Welcome to Outbreaks Forums! 

A little tip i would give is to maybe edit your introduction and add a little bit more about your self, if your looking for a good example


It's more so the other members can chat to you easier! 

Thanks, JayDog! 

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