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First set of Moderators Chosen

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Hey all,

As always before we announce which individuals have been chosen for Moderator we want to make it clear that if you haven't been chosen then that doesn't automatically mean you aren't good enough to become a moderator. If you wish to know why you haven't been chosen then senior staff are more than willing to tell you why in person. I would also like to inform everyone that the Mod Apps will remain open for the next 2-4 weeks, as we are looking to recruit a few more mods if we feel the need to. If you have applied and would like to be considered for the next batch, please leave your application in the Mod Apps section, otherwise you can ask a smod+ to remove it for you. It will also be open to any new applicants who wish to apply.

The new moderators are:

Jailbreak Focus | Heineken

Jailbreak Focus | Rumple

Surf Focus | Weezy

Surf Focus | Fluxy

Congratulations to those four, we welcome them to the team and wish them luck on their trial. 

All the best,

The OB Staff

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