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Bertinho ( MrBertCo )

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So seeing as though its been 3.5 years i think i need to reintroduce myself, i don't know many of you anymore ( NoGood Unseen rhyse and Pasickle Strogglok ) because when i was last playing it was counter strike source yanno, im 17 + 18 soon(ish) i dont swim anymore hahaha so we can clear that up from last time, i live in the North East of England and im a casual lifeguard starting my 2nd year of A levels soon ( unseen asked me to add more )  will be nice get to know some more of you as its been ages and if theres anymore of you back from css then let me know, cheers

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35 minutes ago, DannyS said:

Where abouts in the North-East you from? Yorkshire? Cause there's not many of us on here haha. :')

All these southerners. Ew. :fu:


Lincolnshire bro ;)

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crazy to think that we wouldn't be talking if you didn't hear a song from the band we both listen to i had on in the background once whilst commanding on jb, now i would say we are friends :). welcome back bro

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