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'Mod' of the Month June 2016

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Last month's 'mod' of the month is going to slightly different. I've decided to give it to two individuals that have really gone the extra mile and put so much effort into what they have been doing. I think that they have done a terrific job with the tournament and they deserve this, so this is personal thank you from me. Also would like to thank everyone who has been putting the extra effort in from the lowest pep to the highest can't quite see him. Big thank you to all of you, both staff and members, from me!


And the winners are....





14ca144a6f.jpg              d0b2bbc391.jpg

Substick  2000px-Gay_flag.svg.png                                                               Gunstar  bdlarge.gif


Among our infrastructure we recognise the moderator who we feel has gone out of their way to put the most effort into the community over the last month, usually this is just done behind closed doors and only applies to moderators. However this month we felt our two admins deserved praise for both their efforts as they've moved up in this community and the amazing production value of the tournament they are providing for Outbreak. We also figured this should be shared with you all so their efforts can be appreciated by everyone, thanks to you both.

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