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My introduction

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Hello, my name is Rolf (Ralph in english). I'm 16 years old, I'm 17 the 21st of october. I'm Norwegian, I've live up in Lofoten and I'm starting my 2nd year in General Studies after summer.

I started playing vidya games back when the first Harry Potter games came out for PC, back in 2002 (I still get nostalgia sometimes and go back to them once in a while).
I then started playing some free FPS called WarRock when the publisher still was GamersFirst, after it changed to nexoneu it became extremely bad and repetitive, after getting tired of this game I then moved onto random games such as Minecraft, counter strike: source and counter strike 1.6. After a couple of years all of my friends were talking about these call of duty games, this is where I started the phase in my life where call of duty was life.
In 2014 october my brother who's 21 years old now bought me csgo. I got addicted to the game extremely fast even though I was shit at it. I was stuck in Silver Master Elite until I had 104 wins, this was the first time I ranked up. 2014 was the same year I started being active in this game called Mount & Blade: Warband in the Napoleonic Wars DLC. I joined a regiment called 2teOG, I met alot of great people. We then seperated as our Colonel (leader) left NW (Napoleonic Wars). I started being more active on csgo and ranked up really fast. On around 160 wins I ranked up to DMG. In 2015 I started my new annual tradition where I go to The Gathering (a really large LAN party in Norway with over 5000 people). While I were at this LAN one of my friends from Mount & Blade contacted me and said he had put up a new regiment. Of course I joined him and I met a lot of new people again that were really cool. I left Mount & Blade again in November 2015 and started sweating csgo again. I got over 300 wins and became Supreme, after going inactive and only playing one match once a week my aim became poor and I deranked to LEM. 

tl;dr: I've been playing games my whole life and I can't wait to meet new people.

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fluxy tbf he is Norwegian  so its in his blood to be good at csgo,anyway weclome men!

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Hey fresh meat, welcome to the forums :)

have not seen you around yet, but make sure you say hi when you see me pop up somewhere. Norwegian eh? better not be a second Lupha ;) (ly lupha)

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1 minute ago, Wist said:

Can I ask what general studies is?

its basically just like the normal school you go to first just that it's more advanced and it's only for 3 years. after that i'll get something called general admission and i'll be able to apply to join a university.

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12 hours ago, Brandon said:

tbf he is Norwegian  so its in his blood to be good at csgo

But we have Kriss and Hades and well they're you know...... :hmm:


Anyways, Welcome to the forums Rolf!

Enjoy your stay

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Welcome I can see you're already using team speak and the forums.

Hope you enjoy your stay!

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