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Long Time No See

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2 minutes ago, AdolfJackler said:

W33zy me ol' buddy me ol' pal, how's life?

Sup man im doing good, life is threating me well lately. what abouth you?

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15 minutes ago, w33zy said:


Sup man im doing good, life is threating me well lately. what abouth you?

It's been pretty good :) I'm recently been streaming on Twitch and managed to get twitch affiliate the day before yesterday :D


15 minutes ago, Jak said:

Heil Adolf!

Hey there :D

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4 hours ago, VENGA BUS said:

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Thanks :) I'm not around for long though, but still, thanks - I just drop in now and again.


1 hour ago, Mintlou said:

Still scamming people?

Who's that aimed at?

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