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Introducing B1BS

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Hello and welcome to my profile!

I am not Russian! May sound like one but I am not a Russian.
If you want to add me you will not have a private profile, be a scammer (bad rep on your profile) or a bot! If you are any of those you will be blocked without hesitation!

Now first thing off! I'm a layed back 14 year old guy who enjoyes playing  video games with friendly people.

My two favourite games are Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Skyrim!
(I have teamspeak so you don't have too listen to the other people

I am not the best CS:GO player but I am ''decent''(600 hours aren't nothing). I want to win but also to have fun (not trolling)


If you want a shitty profile picture like mine hit me up!
(I do simple stuff and tell me what you want it to look like)

Did you make it through? Good job! Have a cookie.

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7 minutes ago, YoungGerald said:

Nice to meet you, So you design profile pictures sounds like it would be rather time consuming.

I do it for fun and like I said look at mine (don't expect something magical) :P

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